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WTS Hoya Lens Filter

Photography Accessories - Lowyat.NET -
Item(s): Lens Filter only (Listed below)


1. Hoya HMC UV[0] (Japan) - RM20

2. Photax UMC UV (Japan) - RM20

3. Nikon L37c (Japan) - RM20

4. Hama HTMC - UV390 (0-Haze) M52 (III) - RM20

5. Hama Sky 1A (LA+10) (IV) - RM15

6. Cozo 1A (Japan) - RM15

7. Posso Sky (1A) (Korea) - RM15

8. Promaster Spectrum 7 1A (Japan) - RM15

9. Hoya HMC Skylight [1B] (Japan) - RM15

10. Hoya HMC Skylight [1B] (Japan) - RM15

11. Hoya Skylight [1B] (Japan) - RM15


1. Hoya UV[0] (Japan) - RM20

2. Hoya UV[0] (Japan) - RM20

3. Tamron UV (Japan) - RM20

4. Minolta AC L37 [UV] (Japan) - RM20

5. Minolta AC L37 [UV] (Japan) - RM20

6. Hama UV (0-Haze) (IV) (Japan) - RM20

7. Hoya HMC Skylight [1B] (Japan) - RM15

8. Hoya Skylight [1B] (Japan) - RM15

9. Hoya Skylight [1B] (Japan) - RM15

10. B+W 55E KR1.5 1.1x (Germany) - RM15

Package includes: Lens only

Warranty: Nil

Dealing method: Postage/Limited COD locations

Location: KL/Selangor

Contact method/details: Please PM me or 016 - 31[double seven][triple six]


Item(s) conditions: Used

Picture: --WIP--

Reason for sale: Not using

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