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Switching to Chamonix 4x5 - lens questions

Lenses & Lens Accessories -
I just bought a Chamonix 45N2, I have a Sinar F2, a Linhof Master Technika, and Sinar (forgot the model) 5x7.

I may sell the Master Technika ad I don't use it much. The Sinar... Idk... I like my Sinar's, but I think they'll get to live the rest of their lives in a studio (if I ever get it and the darkroom built). Maybe not so much the 5x7... I bought it for landscape images.

I have the following lenses:

Mounted on Sinar boards at the moment

75mm Sinar Sinaron f4.5 / Copal 0

90mm Rodenstock f6.8 Grandagon-N / Copal 0

210mm*Rodenstock*f5.6 Sironar-N*/ Copal 1

300mm*Rodenstock*f5.6 Sironar-N*/ Copal 3

Mounted on Linhof boards at the moment

90mm Rodenstock f6.8 Grandagon-N / Copal 0 / Recessed lens board

110mm Schneider Kreuznach f5.6 Super Symmar / Copal 1

150mm*Rodenstock*f5.6 Sironar-N / Copal 0 / Recessed lens board

210mm Nikkor-W f5.6 / Copal 1

I want to build a good kit for the Chamonix while leaving some lenses on Sinar boards. The Chamonix uses Linhof boards btw.

Most of the lenses will be on Linhof boards because the Chamonix is going to be my goto field camera (due to its relatively light weight and compactness).

Ultimately I would like to end up with some version of the focal lengths below for the Chamonix


90mm (or not, see question 1 and 2 below





450mm (not currently on either list but it's on the way)


(1) The 90mm lens mounted for the Linhof is on a recessed lens board. I don't think I need that for the Chamonix and I know I don't for the Sinar. Thoughts? It would be a non-issue but the shutter trip mechanism is screwed up on the recessed lens board. My plan is to move the 90mm lens on the Sinar board to a flat Linhof board. I might sell the Master Technica with the recessed board and 90mm lens once I get the mechanism fixed.

(2) The difference between 90 and 110 doesn't seem like much. Would I be better served to forget about using the 90 on the Chamonix, leave it on the Sinar board, and move the 110 to a Linhof board?

(3) Of the two 210mm lenses which is the better lens, Nikon or Rodenstock? Both are physically in about the same shape, both f5.6, and both on Copal 1 shutters.

Thanks in advance

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