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MF is really worth it / Proof with pictures taken with GFX50 and various lenses

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There have been various articles about whether digital MF is worth it

Arguments are usually theoretical and complicated

In practice, things are simpler : MF is just very good, better than FF, maybe not by much but better

In order to prove it, I have taken pictures with a GFX50 and several lenses, most of the adapted (Fotodiox adapters)

Summary is:

> you can take pictures that can be as big as 200 cm X 150 cm (80 X 60 inches)

> cheap adapted lens are more than enough for that

> without problem, the camera can be handheld, high ISO and 3 fps are built in

> you can make a high quality travel kit as light as 2.2 kg / 5 pounds : camera with EVF, 2nd battery, 3 lenses : 35mm / 63mm /150mm, adapter

By the way, the 63 mm Fuji lens standard for the Gfx50 does not seem specially good or any better than the best adapted lenses

Not too bad, it seems

Pictures are superfine Jpegs straight out of the camera (30 Mbytes each) of the same landscape (house + trees + electric power lines in the background) + some macro pictures

All manual focus, Hasselblad lenses at full aperture (around f4) others at f8

Here I post 100% crops because you need most of the times 100 % crops or even 200 % crops to see the limitations or defects of the lenses

They are reduced in size and and a little compressed to meet GetDPI size requirements

They are a visually a little less precise than the original ones, but not by much, so the global impression is the same

On my screen the jpegs at 100 % magnification represent a 200 cm X 150 cm (80 X 60 inches) image

The full Jpegs produced by the Gfx and the original 100% crops are on Flickr (look for pictures posted by me, that is grrr101)

At current prices, all lenses are between 150 and 550 $ or Euros.

For Hasselblad lenses old C lenses are perfectly adequate, because the shutter is not used

Pentax zooms are good (it might depend on the actual lens), cheap but heavy

Best adapted lens (no surprise here)

Hasselblad 100mm 3.5 (even with 2X Mutar which makes a 200 mm lens)

Pentax 120mm Macro (same level as Hasselblad 135mm Makro planar at short distance, much better at infinity)

Pentax 35 mm and 150 mm (make a light travel kit with the Fuji 63mm)

Nikon PC 28mm 3.5 is interesting as a cheap super wide angle (but has CA)

Now, please make your opinion


The lenses used are indicated in the file names

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