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Operation procedure for Photavit camera with Pronto shutter

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Operation procedure for Photavit with Pronto shutter?Last edited: Today at 2:31 PM?


1) Film loading.

Open camera back by pull up a spin at the left had sidde, then lift off the entire back

Take out the two cassettes, if anu

2) Use Photavit film loader

Open one cassette by lift off the end cap, take up the spool, take a new 35mm film cassette, cut a film tongue

about 1.5 inch long, insert into the wide slot of the spool, push the film tongue throught the thin end of the

slot, pull it another inch, than wrap it around insert the free end into the wide end of the slot again, pull

the fillm tongue such that the film wrap arround the spool tightly, insert the film back into the cassette

close the cap, tape the top with a piece of Scotch tape to prevent it accidentaly comes loose.

put the Photavit cassette and 35mm film cassette into the Photavit film loader, put back the photovit

loader top cap , turn the winding knob until cannot be turn again, the film is fully loaded. Open the film

loader, cut the film,

Pull out 2 inch film, cut a narrow tongue, and insert it into the take up spool of another Photavit cassette

wrap the tongue around and insert the free end back into the wide end of the slot, pull tight .Put back

the top cap, make sure it fits tight and not slanted, otherwise it is difficult to put the cassette into the camera and even more difficult to take it out.

To put the cassette into the take up side of the camera chamber, pull the top part of the knob all the way

out, do not pull the whole knob up, other wise, the cassette cannot fit in.

put the other cassette into the right side chamber. wind the film winding knob to tighten the film.

Close the camera backl

To reset the counter to zero: pull the top part of the winding knob up, turn the lower part of the

knob such that 0 aligned with the index dot mark.

Take picture

Hold the winding knob top part and bottom part at the same time, pull it up turn clockwise a little such

that the retening pin clear the hurdle, the release the knob to let it falls back, turn clockwise until stop

clock the shutter. The camera is ready for first picture.

Go to next frame, do the same with winding knob pull up and turn to clear hurdle etc etc


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