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Fujifilm or Nikon, mirrorless or dslr?

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hi guys,

this is a long thread but I hope you'll find it interesting enough to read it all ;-).

About a week ago I chose a secondhand fujifilm x-t2 and a 35mm f2 over a Nikon d500. The problem is that I'm second guessing my choice even though the x-t2 is amazing. I would like to hear your opinions on this subject, so I will start off with explaining why I chose a x-t2 in the first place.

So I'm 16 years old (turning 17 in 20 days , and last summer I went on holiday to Sweden with a samsung nx3000, just trying if photography was really something for me to get into. I really enjoyed it, even though the camera wasn't to advanced, a small amount of fotos from the trip: Nieuwenhuizen.

So I decided that I wanted to improve and really get into it. Not only is the camera meant for personal use: vacations, just going out walking in nature, vacations and me playing field hockey. I would also like to try and get some paying jobs adventually doing event photography (one of my friends does this). So I was searching for a "do it all camera" which doesn't exist... because of the small size, build quality and on body ISO, Schutter and aperture. So with €1600 of the €3000 +\- I earned from my paper round I got myself a used x-t2 and 35mm f2.

So I have used this combo now for almost 2 weeks and as I mentioned earlier I'm starting to second guess my decision. Why?

1. I have always had shaky hands, it's not a serious medical condition but it can sometimes be really annoying. So I notice slightly moved images at slower shutter speeds, and I have the feeling I'm forced to shooting at slow shutter speeds most of the time, so I would benefit from faster glass, stabilization or a larger sensor.

2. I feel like the on top buttons don't work fast enough. A few days ago I came across a small ree @N04/1659R], it was so dark that I almost missed it so this was shot at 1/10th which i am just not really able to handhold. If I would be able to change my settings faster I would probably had increased my ISO one stop, now I had to do some recovering in post.

3. I noticed that I do a lot of night or late evening because that's when I'm done with school. It's really annoying to fiddle with the dials in the dark, I do know the location of every button by hearth by now, but still.....

4. My main focus is,., everything... I know maybe it sounds stupid but I really like a lot of different types of photography, from landscape to wildlife. I although the fujilenses are really high quality if I want a nice wide (10-24) , a telephoto (100-400) and a macro (60mm or the new 80mm which is a real macro) it's just boatloads of money... and finding some cheaper secondhand glass is just really difficult.

5. Short battery life, walking 2 hours turning my camera off between pics still almost empty when getting home.

At the moment I'm also looking at a Nikon d750, Nikon d500, Nikon d7200, canon 80d, canon 5d mark iii. I'm leaning towards a Nikon d500 because:

1. Also solid build

2. More glass, also longer, cheaper, stabilized, secondhand

3. Glow in the dark buttons, some say it's a gimmick, but I could really use it.

4. Long battery life.

So you guys Could say, just go with Nikon, I would but I have some doubts, mainly that Dslrs are obsolete, if I buy an expensive body now and Nikon releases a mirrorless with a new lens mount my d500 would decrease in worth quite fast. But then if I just keep my d500 as my main camera for 5-10 years I will have my money's worth out of it...

Weight isn't really a factor, I'm young and healthy so I'll just put everything in a backpack and go. Also the size isn't really that different when adding lenses (16mm f1.4 or 10-24 or 100-400mm are not that much smaller than the Nikon equivalent, right? They will all require a camera bag.

i would like to hear your thoughts on this topic, and experiences from other dslrs and mirrorless shooters, did you go mirrorless or dslrs or first one and then back to the other? I can still return my fujifilm kit and change to something else which is nice.

kind regards,



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