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DONATING stuff for Nikon!

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ran out of room in our small camera bag after getting a new fuji lens and flash, so i had to dig out our old Tenba messenger bag. this, of course, led to the discovery that I still had some leftover Nikon stuff.

anyway....ive got a flash bracket and SC-29 flash cable to give away. the sc-29 is the newer flash cable and has the IR AF assist beam. (works really well)

AND....just because it seems a little silly to give away a flash bracket and cable with no going to throw in a flash to complete the set. (I havent decided on the flash that will be donated yet, it will probably either be a yongnuo 568EX or a neewer vk750)

what does this mean you ask? well, it means that if you are interested in getting into some flash photography and want to get the flash off the camera, but not OFF camera...then this is the setup for you!

heres the flash bracket. now, to use the flash cable with this, you will have to unscrew that cold shoe mount from the bracket, and put the flash cable piece on instead.

the flash holder moves to a 90 degree position so if you are shooting portrait orientation, you just flip the flash over into this position and its facing upright again. its like magic! only, not.

this is a huge advantage to using a flash bracket over just mounting the flash directly to the camera.

and heres the flash cable. pretty self explanatory really...

just the box it came in showing it as an SC-29 TTL flash cable. in case you didnt think i know what equipment i have or something.

and here it is all together with my fuji gear.

it may be hard to see in the picture, but the bolt that holds the cold shoe mount is longer than needed for the flash cable piece. sooooo.....i had to use a few washers between the bracket and the sc-29 in order for it to thread on tight. cant use the washers underneath or else the bracket wont sit flat. (you'll see what i mean when you get it)

ideally, i should have just taken the bolt to the hardware store and bought a shorter one....but i didn't.

well, there it is.

if you want to get in on this, you have to meet a few criteria.

1: have a Nikon DSLR

2: not already have a flash.

3: be an established contributing member of the forum.

4: be in the CONUS or Canada.

to be eligible, post in this thread with your interest and a picture of your camera.

obviously a Nikon camera is required due to the flash cable being proprietary.

ill let this run for a bit to see if there's any interest. if there is, me and the wife will decide on a recipient after a currently undetermined period of time.


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