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Anoncoward: 1 of 2 :)

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While it's not surprising to see that the Anoncoward spins posts to

make them out to be something they aren't the majority of the time,

it went way above the call of duty from a little white lie that could

easily be blamed on it's repeatedly demonstrated difficulty

understanding english to an outright bull**** story for which there

is no defense:

assume everything in the post is completely

accurate, that I actually wrote it; yep, it's fallen for the posts

that weren't written by me, but posted with one of my handles. It

incorrectly assumes (due to it's far less than stellar IT knowledge)

that handles/nyms are set in stone and nobody else can use one that's

already being used. Yes, it's that kind of stupid.

And put it's own 'damning' spin on the events; what little it's

actually able to read and understand, that is.

When that doesn't work, it makes up complete stories to cover it's

own ass. Just like the Melissa one. While I've seen it lie it's ass

off many times since it began it's childish and worthless flooding

campaign, I've never seen it resort to making up a story from

scratch, until now:

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