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More than a year ago

They come around the same price. Anyone have experience with either of these?-- hide signature @N03/]
Hi does anyone have any experience of the Tiffen 10 stop filter I was going to go with either that or the Haida pro ii for long exposures both are about the same price and ...
I have just purchased a tiffen UV filter, if you shake the glass rattles. Is this normal? I've never had another filter do thisThanks
New from Steadicam: The Solo
For my RX10 I decided to upgrade my tiffen polarizer filter to a B+W. $30/$80Just went outside and took two test shots.1st Using the B+WB+W SOOC resized to 1920x10802nd I w...
I'm thinking about buying this ND filter from Tiffen Does anyone have it or have previously used it? I...
I have a Tiffen Ultra Contrast 3 Filter and a Variable ND mounted on my 77mm lens and am curious if there is any correct, or ideal, way to stack these two lenses for filming. Do...
The Tiffen 82mm ND filter measures at 90mm inner diameter and 97mm outer diameter.Has anyone managed to find some way to attach a cap to it or a plastic case to store it in?Al...
Has anyone used Tiffen 67mm Variable ND Filter with the Nikon 18-140mm? How do you like it? Does the stock lens hood still fit? Thanks!
Tiffen 3.0 nd filterIs it a good nd filter? I live in Israel and the ND filters are REALLY expensive and also hard to find, but I'm going to London next week and would lik...
Hi, I am looking to buy a UV filter. I basically want it for protection and clearer picture.I read some articles, reviews and forums and I narrowed it down to Tiffen Haze 1 a...
Contemplating this Anyone have any good or bad experience with Tiffen?
They have a huge brand name, but I don't see as much interest in them vs. some of the other players for mid and high-end filters.  Thoughts?Thanks!
Hey, So I have been looking at getting more filters lately and I have one really big question. Is the Hoya and Kenko Orange (G) filter the same as Tiffen and Wratten orange (2...
Hello everyone,I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Cameron's filter. I'm trying to get a ND filter for my 23mm lens. I have been looking for some options ...
Item(s): Tiffen 67mm Circular Polarizer, 812 warming filter, UVPackage includes: TIFFEN Camera Lens Filters & CasePrice: RM150 for all.Dealing method: COD KLLocation: KL...
In the grand scheme of things, this is at the bottom of the list of important stuff, but... I am awaiting a 14" Kodak Commercial Ektar, and I'd like to get a metal lens hoo...
Just got the new Tiffen nd 3.0 filter (ten stop).Huge color cast on it.  Not happy.Has anyone else had the same results?I called Tiffen.  They said they are aware of the pro...
Has anyone tried this on any of the Sony NEX lenses:
Hi !Which is the sharpest and best variable neutral density filter for both dslr video and stills ?I'm using a Light Craft Warehouse Variable Fader ND version II and i'm none ...
Please excuse this double posting from the landscapes and travel forum but...Anyone tried these? I'm interested in the screw mount version for use on Canon, Nikon, and maybe Pha...
HiHas anyone tried using +20 diopter like this one?55mm Macro 20 Close Up for Tiffen Pentax Minolta Sigma | eBay Any experiences and thoughts much appreciated.
I have a couple of Hoya and Tiffen UV filters on my lenses, for nothing else than to protect them. I'd rather sacrifice a filter than get the lens repaired. Am I going as...
So I got a tiffen polarized filter today, and it seems defective to me. The filter is rotatable, which i didn't know when i bought it, to adjust the effect. But do the following...
just got the tiffen 10 stop screw in filter. (ND3.0)i was expecting a slight warming of colour, but maybe I'm missing something,it turns all the greens to orange, irrecoverabl...
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