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More than a year ago

I have an old Soligor 85 -205 zoom lens that served me well on my Olympus OM-1. I have retired the OM-1 and was wondering if there was anyway to change the Olympus mount to a Ni...
Does anyone remember Soligor lenses? I had one of their zooms for my old Nikon FE2 film camera, and was not very impressed with it. The company seems to have vanished from sight...
Hi.Just picked up an old Soligor lens. Its a 80~200mm F/3.5 - i was wondering what kind of adapter id need for this.thanks for help
There is A LOT of info, more than I can sift through, and Some Of It is conflicting. Any of you guys have experience with and want to give your opinion (or a link to) on the: ...
I coulda sworn it appeared here and I saved it, but I can't find suchathing here on in my own files.
How can I get it to work with my 5D Mark III? I found this lens at a yard sale. Hopefully I can use it for my camera body.
hello.i took 2 shots with a SOLIGOR 28mm 2.8 and another 2 with my CANON FD 50mm 1.4.NEX C3, ISO800, metering central point, A mode, with 2.8 and 4 at diaphragm setting.witch on...
What kind o adapter ring must I to buy to adapt a a Wide-auto soligor f=28 58 to a KM pentax camera ?thank in adavace
A review for those that are interested in older MF lenses.Here are a Soligor 35mm f/2.8 with m42 mount:
I have a Soligor TIF 380 LCD Flash that I use on my Canon T90. I would like to know if anyone has experience with using on a Canon EOS camera like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. I...
Hi All My Soligor Spot Sensor-II just decided to give up the ghost. Press the button, and the needle flies off the right side of the screen, and isn't seen again until...
Found this lense among many others in an old family storage unit. Can't find ANY info on this specific lense. Any help? Opinions? Advise?
Any info / experience around maybe about this combo ?
Hello.Firstly,I'm an amateur.Photography is my hobby.I shoot everything I find interesting.I use mostly photosizes of 10x15 cm.Now,I'm about to buy a 70-210 lens.I already found...
This meter was working before, but is somehow broken. We can't see the needle. So when I get a flashlight in front of the lens, I can see the needle parked to the far right, bey...
I wasn't expecting too much from this combination effectively a 1200mm f18. I was expecting softness and fringing. This shot was stopped down 2 stops. I'll have to go and give i...
I am looking for any info on this lens...I bought one from ebay for 20 dollars not expecting much and to my surprise it is a very sharp..2.8 is ok but from f4 and up it is very ...
Did a review of the Soligor 50mm f/1.8 (M42) on my blog. Here are some of the test shots. B&W shots are analog and are taken with a Chinon CEII Memotron and AGFA CINEREX (...
i picked up a Soligor 35-140mm macro lens (3.5) and would like to be able to identify it for images taken with it.
This is a purchase of a used vintage Soligor Spot Sensor Light Meter. There are no instructions that could be found on the internet for this original version. There is an instru...
Hi,I have just borrowed an old lens from my father's Nikon EM film camera, a Soligor 80-200 and have also ordered a Nikon-m4/3 adapter. I understand that I can use it but is i...
I'm a nex6 owner, my only camera and its a great little camera to have.I shoot manual mostly with many vintage minolta glass.The Soligor used for these shots I got for 20 doll...
Hi everyone - just registered to LFPF and this is my first post! I saw an older Soligor Spot Meter (called a Spot Sensor). Look to be in good condition - have to purchase batt...
Just getting back into film photography in a small way,and have an old Soligor 75-260 zoom lens I'd like to use, The adapter on it is for my Minolta, want to know if adaptors ar...
Ok here it is the Soligor C/D MC Macro 90mm f2.5 on A6000 !!Craig
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