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More than a year ago

Hi new to me d5200 has no filter just want to know which way would be best hoya hd ?? Thanks val  
Does anybody knows what is the difference between the Hoya's "HD" and the "HD2" filters. I could not find any info anywhere. Thanks in advance.
Hi, Any idea where I can get a Hoya R72 77mm? And what is the price like in the market? Thanks
I've been using the Marumi SHG CPLs for awhile.Heard that the Hoya HD has hardened glass and doesn't filter out as much light as any CPLs.Anyone have experience with the Hoya...
I have recently moved over to digital from 35mm with a Nikon 5100 and am looking to get UV filters for my lenses more for protection than any other reason. Is there any advantag...
They come around the same price. Anyone have experience with either of these?-- hide signature @N03/]
Does anyone know the difference between these two Hoya Circular Polarizer Filters? I need to buy one but don't know which to get.Thanks,RudyHoya 77mm NXT Circular Polarizer F...
I've been looking for nd filters. I like the hoya nd400 but seems a little pricey for me ATM.what is the hoya nd8 like, can you still achieve the blurred water look on the b...
I've discovered I have two HOYA UV filters which I could fit on my 24-105 F4ISL lens. One is labelled around the side: HOYA 77mm UV the other HOYA Pro1 Digital 77...
I bought a 77mm hoya pro1 digital for my 70-200, either im fitting it wrong or it doesnt fit. Please advise,
I bought a Hoya circular polarizing filter its 55mm as is my lens thread but it does not fit, there is nothing for it to clip onto, the lens is the fe 27-70mm Sony lens.Am I mi...
Hi, I need to buy a polarizer and have decide to get a hoya polarizer. They do the following;HDRevoPro-1I want to buy the best that they have but I have been unable ...
Hi all,I just bought a new hoya 55mm nd400 and I am trying it out. I don't know why but the image I took with the filter has pink and green line across the image. Anyone has any...
Hi guys, Looking to buy a Hoya ND400x or equivalent ND filter, any suggestions as to where I could buy them in SG?
Hi, I am having trouble finding one here in the UK. Does anyone regularly use a Hoya 77mm FL-W filter or is there another company who makes a similar filter?
Anyone able to compare based on experience? Is one better than the other? Because the Hoya's cheaper.
Went out a few days ago and shot some waterfalls, the mist from the waterfalls coated the front of my Hoya and it looks AWFUL!, it was freshwater but how can I go about cleaning...
looking to protect my lens , which ones are you all using on here pleaseHoya , kood, jessop, ProTama,B+W  etc etc    52mm to go on 50-200  which i have now gone back too.thank...
On several different web sites Hoya lists 2 different types UV filters. on as a HMC and the other as a SMC filter. What is the difference between the two? Thank you.
I looking for one for my 15-85 canon Which is better UV or Clear by Hoya filter ?? It will be for protect glass for outdoor Thanks! Jake
Bought a hoya pro cp used... insteadI got kenko pro1 wideband cphow do they compare. looks like new was 30.00would you keep it or send it back
As stated, I'm interested in getting those 2 filters. Doesn't matter whether brand new or 2nd hand as long as they're in good condition.
Hi All,I recently bought the below filter, is this a multicoated filter or is it the basic one? I cannot find any specifications on this. Is this good enough as a beginner? Sho...
I've got a couple of Hoya HD Digital CPL filters and am now looking for a 95mm version. Googling hasn't turned one up and Hoya's site gives the impression they don't do one. Is ...
i asked the photographer which filter did he used to acheive this look.. and he said hoya but ignore me and didnt tell me.....i know hoya made alot of filter and also they have...
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