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More than a year ago

Hi guys, sorry for that bloody question: I am new. Could i use only Alpa lenses with a Alpa camera like the TC? Is there a lensplate (with no lens) to buy from Alpa and then b...
Sorry , no ALPA rumors in sight for 2014 yet .But for ALPA owners , this new handgrip might be useful .ALPA OF SWITZERLAND - Hersteller herausragender Kameras - News Min...
Quick question for Alpa users. When getting a quote for an Alpa bodies or lenses is it reasonable to expect pricing to reflect the prices that Alpa has on their website and the...
Can anyone recommend an electronic remote shutter release for the FPS, Alpa or otherwise? Many thanks! Rob
Does anyone know the thread hole sizes on an ALPA/ALPA FPS camera. I know the center is 3/8ths but what are the other two sizes that are both on both sides of the 3/8ths hole....
Hello I am looking into the ALPA reflex cameras. I have found several references stating that the "ALPA 11si" had improved "mirror" and "shutter" compared to the "ALPA 10d". ...
Found the DTG has the alpa viewfinder with the listing price of $1453. It is much cheaper than CI and Fotocare. However, DTG is not listed on the alpa website as the authorized ...
ALPA of Switzerland - Manufacturers of remarkable cameras
Brian Hirschfield just put up his Youtube overview of the ALPA FPS presented by ALPA co-owner André Oldani. Alpa FPS - Full Overview - YouTube Very nice system overv...
i just read on Luminous Landscape that there was a break-in at Alpa HQ in Switzerland. please note the blacklisted serial numbers if you are buying things off ebay or somewhere...
Dear All, I'm getting into Alpa camera (XY/Max) for stitching. Any real world experience sharing for Alpa lens mechanical vignetting ? Two front runners, Alpa 90...
Hi all - Don't think it's been mentioned here yet, but I've been looking around the new ALPA website and it really is very nicely presented. Well worth a look! Ki...
Hi, have you ever used the ALPA HPF Rings on a Cambo WRS for high precision focusing with a lasermeter? Is this possible? cyron
Which lenses can take full advantage of the Alpa XY's stitching ability? I currently use the 47mm xl, which is flexible. I winder what other lenses have people found useful with...
Does anyone know what type of Really Right Stuff camera plates work the best for the Alpa FPS? Thanks, Mark
Which online shops specialize in medium and large-format equipment?And where does one buy things like Linhof multi-finder or an Alpa TC?
As the old ALPA Rumors thread from 2012 has awakened, I thought it might make sense and be clearer to start a new thread. See ALPA Rumors 2014
Saw this at a website. Wonder if anyone had modified an precision focusing loupe aid for their alpa. this guy welded a rollei waistlevel finder to the Alpa ground glass for easy...
Did you spot it? Only occurred to me when I unpacked it the other day ALPA of Switzerland - Manufacturers of remarkable cameras - FPS lens mount 11 mm
The Swiss alphorn players play a song of a new ALPA 12 camera .A new independant ALPA model , fully integrated into the existing ALPA system . A shutter module will be able to...
In about 6 hours from now, Anthony Festa (CI Manager of Technical Services) and I will be on a plane headed to Switzerland for a week of the Alpa Treatment. Otherwise know...
Double post.Moderator note: This is the first post in the thread. Deleting it would delete the entire thread.  
Hello,I do architectural photography and have been researching "Technical Cameras".Does anyone use the ALPA 12 STC or ALPA 12 MAX?ALPA 12 MAX ALPA 12 STC I'm looking for th...
Capture Integration is partnering with Alpa and Cambo in 2 separate booths at PhotoPlus Expo this week.Alpa/Cambo/CI @ PhotoExpo Details The Cambo Booth is #681. Come se...
Hi all - It's been a long time since I've used my ALPA gear due to my photography interests heading off down a new direction. However, it is interesting to see what they ha...
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