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More than a year ago

has anyone got the samsung pro3 if so can you get a good photo editor for it ?? can you get photoshop on it ?
Anyone else impressed with the clarity of the footage they shot with the Samsung NX30, i was blown away.
I'm going to buy a budget camera and was looking at either the LUMIX lz40 or the Samsung wb1100. Which do you think would be the best? ');
Samsung seems to be improving by slow increments Samsung NX300 Review
Hi. Does anyone know if the Samsung S27B970D can be calibrated with a color munki photo calibration device?
I dropped my samsung camera once and whenever I open it it says "the zoom does not operate normally etc." Please help me
does anyone know how i can activate the shutter wirelessly with either a bluetooth or a headset??Thanks.
Hey hey everyone.I am asking everyday how is possible Samsung take so long to release the marshmallow versions on their devices. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge unlocked and...
Samsung's Gear 360, which can record video in every direction, has everything but iOS compatibility.Samsung Gear 360 Review: Great If You Own a Samsung Phone : Read more
I m currently using Samsung galaxy S5.i have heard that a new kindle app released for Samsung phone which comes with book deal. I can't download it from my galaxy app store/sams...
Can anyone please tell me if I can configure the Samsung WB150f to date stamp each pic. I was assured by the store that it could, but I can't find how to do it.Having just got r...
Hi,I am going to a concert at the o2 tomorrow and wondered if anyone could offer any advice as to what settings I should be using on a Samsung PL10? I haven't had much success w...
help.shot some video with new xmas samsung wb690 camera,downloaded it to my elements9,it wont play but it is loaded,did not have a problem with my old pentax camera.can anyone h...
Just got the Samsung NX330 and trying to learn as much about it as possible. I'm trying to find out about a macro lens and what lenses you all would recommend that are compatibl...
Hican anyone help me or explain why my Samsung nx2000 all of a sudden will not let me take a picture or any images displayed on the lcd . All other functions seem OK.Any help ...
Some pictures I have captured with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone cam this weekend. Mostly food related but who cares? ;)
Any thoughts on whether the Sony NEX-3N (16mm-50mm) or Samsung NX1100 (20m-50mm) is the better camera?  Both are about $300.
Could anyone help me?I have a samsung nx 300 brilliant camera but when I playback videos I cannot use capture any ideas
I dont know about you but I would trade my 350d for the new samsung mirorless, sell it on ebay for $800 then buy a 7d or something of the likes. what would you do?
Got this from Samsung to try out. Pretty decent new contender. Wished it was full frame though, Overall quality is superb. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
HiJust wondering whether there are any apps to acheive the touch to adjust exposure on Samsung S4.Please advise.Thanks.
Hi, I looking at Canon G15 Vs Samsung galaxy camera: do you mind comment on this post. Which camera you prefer and why? Thanks!
If Samsung hadn't shot themselves in the foot by moving to a non replaceable battery all this debacle would have cost them is a new battery, not a new phone, they're certainly g...
Anyone agree?CES 2015 Samsung Interview: Mirrorless to outsell DSLRs 'in three years': Digital Photography Review  
When you peel off the samsung battery sticker, you find another sticker consisting some kind of transmitter which apparently has no purpose. The secret behind this hidden transm...
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