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More than a year ago

just for your information.(only from authorized LEICA dealers)(sorry for the tipping error must be: Cashback maybe the mod can change, tks.)
stone-washed - cool or hoax!?
Heya ! Anyone knows of any reputable and reasonably price Leica m3 cla in Singapore? A rough pricing idea would be good as well ! haha
Leica is synonymous with rangefinders, and rangefinders are almost synonymous with Leica. Most Leica fans would already know that Leica is celebrating 100 YEARS OF LEICA!!...
Leica item was found by the management of The Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant, if that item is yours, pm me with a detailed description of that item. Posting here because o...
Thinking of changing the leather re-covering on my M9. Any one knows if this will void the warranty? Thanks
good news from Leica.
Wonder if any Leica users bought any gear from overseas and facing warranty issues when dealing with Leica Singapore. I was told Leica Singapore don't really entertain these gre...
Has been announced Details on Review Very cheap, only for the price of 2500 rolls of developed B&W film
Hello, I am pretty new in Singapore (few months I settled) and I was wondering if Singaporean were screw Leica enthousiats. I personnaly enjoy these cameras. I have a black...
Let's welcome M240 centenary special edition to Leica Store Singapore Limited production of 500 worldwide
Hi! Has anyone use the new Leica 50mm F2.0 APO ASPH lens and post some pictures? It was rated as one of the finest 50mm lens.
Anyone sent their gear back to leica agent for cla before. I'm thinking getting my m6 and 35 lux pre asph service.
those received email on this promotion, any experience or opinion on this? does leica offer better price for the used M's than open market?thinking of trading in the M9...
Shot wide open at f 0.95 at 1/30 sec hand held Leica M in dim light Amazing piece of German glass.
Hey,I recall running into Leica users at Isle café at Peninsula Plaza. Are you guys still meeting regularly and if yes, where?-- nick
Been looking to get the Lee Filters RF75 system for landscape photography on Leica M9. Does anyone has any experience using the system? More specifically has anyone use it on le...
I have dust specs on my m9 pics which is visible when I shoot at high apertures. Where can I get professional cleaning for it? Any one knows the cost for leica Singapore sensor ...
So any thoughts on the new Leica system? Sent from my ONE A2005 using Tapatalk
We have put up a new sub-forum for Leica camera equipment, Forum -> Equipment Discussions -> Leica. Threads on Leica e...
i found there are many attractive items available in lazada. what do you guys think? is there any places i could get cheaper in singapore? thanks.
One has to cut the film leader to properly fit, but it's a joy to use, if you don't mind doing everything manually.
Leica copies the superb Sony RX1. maybe the price is likely to be three times as high?!. (Unfortunately, there ...
Thinking of getting this camera (Leica X Typ 113). Going to be my first Leica. Placed my interest very early and received a call from Leica Orchard Ion that it has arrived since...
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Why you should shoot film.
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