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More than a year ago

Anyone using Capture One Express? How does it compare to PS and LR especially for Sony cameras? Any advice will be much appreciated.
Hello,I am wondering if there is a successor for the Sony a6000 in development, but I'm not sure if this thread belongs here.  
Hi,I have a Sony a7 and a Sony Flash.I want to be able to fire this flash off camera.I already have a pair of Pixel Soldier radio triggers but this won't fit the flash.Would...
What do you think, will Nikon stop using Sony sensors if Sony opens up all the bells and whistles aka hardcore modes, only reserved for Nikon pro gear, in theyr own cameras.For...
How come some of the Canon and Nikon users hate Sony ?I meant seem they don;t have much respect for Sony ?which camera should I get ? ppl often say go for Nikon or Sony .eve...
Sony not being a completely Japanese company is under attack by  North Korea and needs the support of the internet community to not allow this to happen again and show support f...
Just read this on Engadget I am going to order it. Anyone else?  
read about a few foks on another forum who are selling whatever it takes to by the Sonythey feel it is THAT greatany comments or criticisms ?
My Sony RX100III will not work. I have 3 different batteries, they all show that they are charged, but nothing happens when I push the on button. no signs of life at all. Any su...
Is it possible to get sony camera lenses on rent in Delhi? camera on rent
I want to buy Sony SLT a77 ii camera. Is there anyway I can use my nex5n lenses for sony a77 ii camera?  
Taken with Sony DSC-S50Taken with Sony DSC-S50Sony RX10 or Nikon P7700?Sony RX10 or Nikon P7700?
Sony have not announced a new camera since yesterday or even the day before.   This means that there have been one or possible two days without any new cameras being announced b...
Asking this because of the major financial losses that Sony have made over the last few years, especially so this year at over $2bn. Sony are not paying out a dividend for the f...
Kind of crazy.
Some details at .
I have ordered a sony rx10 but after ordering it,I came across some people saying the lens wobbles... is that true? does your sony rx10 lense wobble or not?
If Sony had kept using the Minolta brand on its cameras instead of rebranding as Sony, do you think their cameras would more marketshare than they do currently?
Canon is dead, that's the spirit here. It is being labelled as a non-innovative company. Why:- Sony has a better sensor;- Sony has a 5 axis IBIS;- Sony has a FF ML body.Let'...
I'm deciding if I could go with the Sony A6000 with the Sony 20mm pancake lens or go with the Sony RX100 III. The most important thing to me is image quality and a compact size ...
I'll start, my timeline...From- Yashica 635 TLR- Nikon N85- Sony Mavica FD73- Canon EOS Rebel T3- Sony A100- Sony A700- Sony A55- Sony A7I did not list the many dispos...
Currently, I have a Nikon D-90 and would like to update my gear. I have Nikon lens but I want a full frame DSLR. Would it best to purchase the Nikon D610 since I have a few full...
Well it seems that Sony is really trying to make very good sensors. What do you guys think of this new patent?
A new patent for a new Sony sensor that should give a much more accurate dynamic range but will need some work for action.
Sony just released their Quarter 2 Financials for 2013. This is the part that you guys will be interested in.
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