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More than a year ago

It was previewed in sept 2012, and we are pushing a year later. They must have had a long way to go in design still.
As seen in here: Very much looking forward to trying this one
Hello, has anybody used Samyang 24mm tilt shift lens for Sony A-mount on Sony A7 series cameras? Any issues with LAE4 adapter, any other issues?Thanks for your help, Vlad
I had the opportunity to try out a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens yesterday.I have to admit I'm impressed.It will mostly be used for landscape so the barrel distortion of f...
Samyang's 24mm Tilt-Shift should be in hand in a few days, hoping image quality is in-between Canon?s 24mm TS-E mkII and mkI but closer to the mkII.Show your pictures!
I currently use my 24L exclusively on my Glidecam but i feel im needing slightly wider. I dont really want to shell out for the Canon 14mm L. I know there will be big difference...
Anyone here own a Samyang 35mm F1.4? I just want to know how well does it perform under real world situations. How's the Manual Focus mechanism? IS it easy to focus?
I asked this in third party lens forum with no takers so, I'll repeat here:Any rumours on the release of the Samyang 24 tilt and shift lens? And price? Any reviews?--Hind sight...
Hello. I have looked and haven't found a thread for this lens. Would be great to see what images people have taken with this lens... So post away! As i have only just p...
Has anyone got this lens already? I'd love to see some pictures, thinking about getting this lens for low light/shallow DOF work. Thanks
I did not see a thread on this lens. I just purchased it, and am starting to do some landscape when I have time. here is one shot this morning.
I am having difficulty in finding where to purchase the new Samyang SFH-14 filter holder + Cokin 1544 ND8 Neutral Density Filter for my D700= Samyang 28/14mm ultra wide lensDi...
One more promising product from Samyang. Looks interesting!Link: If it has the same IQ as their legendary 14mm ...
hello,Recently i have realized that i need buy a good sharp 85mm lens. So, I have shortlisted Samyang or Rokinon 85 f1.4 (fully manual lens). I'm aware that they sell the same...
I'm thinking to buy a wide lens for my 7D. I have the 50mm 1.8 and I would like to know if anybody here have this two lens and if any of you guys can post a example pic of two l...
Just got one the other day with the canon mount. Was searching for a thread but didn't see one. Will post some sample shots tonight
I was looking for a walk-around lens for the sony A7; with a very narrow dof, like f1.4, with portrait capability; and for less than 600$.With these capabilities i thought abou...
I've noticed that if I check the availability of a correction profile for my camera (6D) and the Samyang/Rokinon 14mm f2.8 it's marked as "01/2016". So I assume it may be availa...
I've always wonderd why none of the third party lens manufacturers made any tilt shift lenses.But this is about to change!
Hi everyone...I am a new comer to DSLR photography i wanted to know that which one is better rokinon or samyang i have NIKON D300S DX body...i also wanted to know that my camera...
Dustin Abbott's review may be of interest... Excellent performance at a low price, with few reservations.-- ...
question, are these 2 lenses the same lens? why do they look the exact same, but some images have ROKINON in the lens and others have SAMYANG? I am just confused... Also, anyone...
Hey guys I was just wondering if the Samyang/Rokinon/etc. 14mm 2.8 would be a good choice for video on a 5D II? It is a fraction of the cost of the Canon version but I was wonde...
Hello,I just got a lens SAMYANG 85mm f1.5 and can't seem to mount it correctly on my nikon D5100.Somehow the camera keeps saying : "lens not attached"Please someone help !Nora
I’m thinking of either the Samyang 8mm Fish-eye or their new 10mm rectilinear lens on a 1.5crop camera for occasional wide angle use.I’d be very interested to hear the views an...
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