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More than a year ago

Hi,Has anyone created some presets for Olympus Viewer 2  or 3?If you are willing to share some then that will be great.-- hide signature --Extraordinarily Ordinary
This is one of my favourite effects, but is it available exclusively on olympus cameras? or are there any simple to use processing programs that can give  the same results?
Does any one interested in the new Olympus Evolt E-300?....... or any who already own it?....... i personally am very interested in it and am looking forward to buy one on March...
does anyone have this camera? what are your thoughts about the image quality and dynamic range? Please share your experience if you have. thanks!
Folks at another forum told me "it's impossible to get one brand's look in another camera brand". Here's an example of the difference?side-by-side Nikon D7000 vs Olympus E-PM2
I have the Olympus IB software on my computer and absolutely cannot uninstall it.... I've tried many different things and talked to many people but to no avail.... does anyone k...
Always like the Olympus OM system camera's. This could be a cool camera:
I am nearly ready to purchase 40-150mm Olympus lens. I have been warned that this lens does not perform at all well in low light situations. Should I worry, and if so, what ...
Hi there!Just joined and I have my first question!Between the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Olympus OMD EM5, which camera would have the better IQ?Grateful for any replies,Dennis
What are peoples thoughts on the Olympus Stylus 1, I toying with the idea of ditching my DSLR gear for an enthusiast compact. I also looked at the Sony RX10 but the Oly looks a...
Can anyone tell me if the 1.7x TCON-17X teleconverter can be used on an Olympus SP-500uz camera, and if so, does it need a converter adapter, and if so, which one?
Thinking of getting a Olympus 9mm f8 Fisheye Body Cap Lens for me Olympus E-PL6 Pen is it any good for a classic car show close-ups as well as the usual Buildings and landscape?
Are accurate base-of-camera scematics available? Want plans to make ?L bracket. Universal ?L ?brackets are available.--Clueless
When I attach any of my lenses to the E520 body and look through the viewfinder, it is very dark. this just started.Any suggestions?
Has anyone noticed that the title typeface for the new film "Olympus Has Fallen" is very similar to the Olympus Corp logo? Coincidence?
Today's top story in the LA Times is about Olympus hiding from medical users that dangerous infections, that killed patients, were carried by its devices. If you go to latimes.c...
So I have tested the macro mode on the following cameras below and find the Olympus TG2 to be the best so far.  The ONLY ones I am wondering about that I have not tested yet are...
I was looking for a pocketable camera that was faster than my Nikon Coolpix. I found the Oly on E-Bay for $30. I had to order the Olympus XD memory card and a cable for connecti...
Long time Olympus user, now have an E-30 and 4 lenses.  I shoot raw and process my photos using CS6.  Recently, I noticed that Adobe provides lens corrections in RAW for almost ...
I started off looking at the Panasonic FZ200- LX7, Canon SX50, Fuji H550, Sony etc... I'm now getting close to going with the Olympus XZ-2... Any thoughts? recommendations? I ...
I have already damaged one RX100 due to underwater housing leakage. I hesitate to buy another housing.  Is Olympus Tough TG4 good enough to replace rx100?Any good under water c...
I have an opportunity to buy a olympus e-m5 converted originally by spencers camera to 590nm for about $430. Is that a good deal? Also, is there anything I should watch out for...
I have read that Olympus is likely to go out of business in 2014. That is hard to believe.The articles state that Camera sales, especially point-and-shoot models, have been ero...
I'm unable to import Olympus raw files directly into lightroom.I have to open adobe bridge and then ACR, convert them to DNG then import them into lightroom. any reason why I w...
I asked this same question on the Micro 4/3 site but decided to get an opinion from a broader audience. Besides the Leica & Nikon, what other " classic " could fit in there? May...
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