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More than a year ago

Hello, Are all mini male ends on Samsung CB20U12 USB Cables the same? More about : ...
I need to take close ups with my camera which is Samsung S1030 and I do not know how to do this.  Can anyone help me please?Thanks.Janet
Have the DV150F Samsung camera and my pictures are blurred.  What should I change to correct that?   thanks very much...
just curious...I have samsung tablet, bluray And microwave...did have a samsung tv but gave ur away, oh an a samsung memory card--@N03/]
My friend wishes to purchase a samsung camera (NX11) but her bf is having doubts on samsung as a camera brand. Any bros can share some light on the pros and cons on Samsung...
HiI was told by Samsung that the lenses in spite of its the NX collection, dosent work/not are compatible with the SamsunNX1100 - is that correct?
Are Samsung's mirrorless camera lenses compatible on the Oly Pen m4/3rds cameras with out an adapter?
i think Samsung will produce a very hi camera performance pro levelBelieve friendSAMSUNG NOT LEAVING
If you like Samsung NX products and want Samsung to keep them alive sign the petition below and have your voice heard!
With the arrival of the firmware upgrade, is it likely that there also be a price reduction in the Samsung ?NX1?? Martin
will make sure all of us that want one, get one of these as a parting gift.....then I wake up.:-(There are at least 5 Samsung 300mm f/2.8 S lenses, wonder who gets to keep th...
If this new rumour really is true, and Nikon keeps the NX mount, will Samsung make lenses for Nikon.
Samsung announced this for the 1st week of June, which is ending tomorrow. Any news about it?Will it simply pop out in the iLauncher?
Hey Everyone,Does anyone have a video link to the Samsung "Find your Signature" video logo used in their videos for download?Thanks
Hi,I made a litle graphic with all available samsung lensens, take a look and tell me if I placed all of them
when i power my samsung tl500 everything looks fine until y try to take a picturethe screen is black this is like the lens cover was not removed.can i get help
A shame, they have been very innovative.
Just want to say THANK YOU SAMSUNG for keeping providing firmware updates for the NX1. It's amazing ! Keep them coming. Thanks.
Hi ! Just bought and excited to have my new NX30.  However can't afford extra Samsung lenses for now.  Any suggestions or advice on alternatives?
like the 20mm pencake and the 25mm 1.4? If not, how does the Samsung prime compare to the two above?
you can see it hereNX2000
How is low light performance of the Samsung EX2F? Has anyone tried to take photos of star trails or the night sky in general using this camera?
I wish Samsung will continue the production of NX Camera,Now Samsung have build the perfect Camera with NX1 & NX500,They should continue with NX Line Not to Stop.Thanks
OK, with CES around the corner and CP+ coming soon, after all the rumours, what do you think that Samsung will do with the camera market? This is just for curiosity, so please d...
Samsung USA This is not a good sign.
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