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More than a year ago

My Dell desktop is on its last legs. What is recommended for limited or non professional Photoshop work.
Hi everyone, So I'm looking to get a MacBook Pro, I already have an iMac with ps cs5 on it, does the MacBook Pro come with photoshop installed on it already? If not, is cs6 th...
Where can I download for PC CS5 Photoshop?thanks Zip--'EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER' MID WEST check me out?
Now that we were taught about stacking with Photoshop CSx, what can we do when we have only Photoshop Elements? Without famous auto stacking feature, as far as I know.Any idea h...
How can I open raw files from my A77 in Photoshop CS2? At the moment when I try the picture is just a grey mass.
I'm looking for a fairly advanced photoshop book, anyone one have any reccommendations?? I have photoshop 7 and I may upgrade soon. I am not all that worried about versions thou...
Wanted to share this link for those that may have questions about the pros and cons of each. Lightroom vs Photoshop Elements
I was about to cancele my order for an S1, because of not being able to work in Photoshop with Figi raw files. Then I saw the news post in dpreview that the S1 has now been adde...
Is there a way to buy Photoshop other than with an annual subscription?  I own CS3 and Lightroom 5.5.  I am thinking I should upgrade to a later version of Photoshop, but don't ...
I have both Lightroom 5 and Elements 12. Is it possible to make a slideshow with one of these AND embed it into my website?
I just received an SX50 and need to download an update to Photoshop Elements 9 to enable reading the SX50 RAW files.Any suggestions?--Jim from Georgia
I just ordered the Rokinon 7.5mm, i have photoshop cs6, does it have defish settings for this lens? If not, what do you suggest? Thanks!
Oops.Another upgrade needed now...What version of Photoshop will I have to have to support RAW directly for the A77ii?Without running through the various work-a-round's.Than...
I'm a long time Aperture user, but with Apple stopping updates to the software, I subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud for Photographers and now have Lightroom and Photoshop. ...
I've seen a local website selling student editions of Adobe software, but lost it now. Anyone know where I can get the student edition of Adobe software ?I think it was sellin...
Hi im new to digital have a Canon 5d mk 3 would it be best to buy the full Photoshop or is Elements good enough cheersRichard
I read and heard some about the adobe photoshop touch app for android tablets. Now I,m curious about that and like to know what you can do with it? Is someone here u...
Does anyone know if Photoshop CS5 will open D600 RAW files or do I need to get CS6?
HI, I'm getting an issue with Photoshop and wondering if anyone has any ideas or solution. I've made some time lapses using LRTimelapse and Lightroom. The films are pret...
Thinking about buying Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 through B&H Photo for $142.00.  Being new to all of this, I was just wondering if Photoshop and Lightroom are two separate edit...
I edit stills and video in Photoshop CC and my older version of Premier Pro. The videos are *.mts files. Is there any way to open them from Bridge into Photoshop CC--the only wa...
I have Adobe Photoshop CS4 and use Adobe Raw 5.7. Does anyone know if this will be updated to support raw files from Canon 7D Mark II? Are they going to force me to upgrade to P...
Chatting with a couple people at a local photography club meeting and they said that for them Photoshop was a hobby. Secondary to photography but a separate endeavor.Wondering...
Hi everyone,happy to report I just got my new D750.  Not so happy to report I can't open them in photoshop.  How is everyone else on this forum opening their files.  I don't do...
I wanted to check the shutter count but I noticed that after downloading the new 2014 version of Photoshop CC the exif file doesn't come any longer under the info section.Is it...
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