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More than a year ago

How do these two lenses compare as to image and optical quality - Olympus 14-150mm. VS. Olympus 40-150mm.?
Olympus Capture - USB tethering for E-M1 - get it from: Overview | OLYMPUS Capture | Olympus G
Hi all,I was wondering if the olympus optical viewfinder vf1 can be used for the olympus 12mm f2 lens.Thanks in advance for your your comments. --Confessions of a Lens-o-holic.
Can you recommend me a grip for the Olympus EM5? Not the very expensive one made by Olympus, but one of good quality and good grip. Thanks!Enrique
Will Olympus repair grey market cameras for a fee ? I know Nikon will not, so wondering the policy of Olympus
HiHave just moved from Olympus to CanonCan anyone tell me if I can use the Olympus FL 50 Flash on my 7D ?camphric
I'm looking for lens options other than the Olympus offerings. Are there any others that work with this camera?
Is Olympus ever gonna release a full frame camera like EM5 Series? or are they strictly micro four thirds.
Hi I've acquired an Olympus ecru (one of the limited edition) does anyone have any information on this for me at all please?! X
I'm thinking of making a move...from Olympus e3 to Canon 7D.... I wanted to get some feedback. Thanks!!!! Lisa
Has any one used an Olympus TCON-14B on a fuji hs20exr or similar camera and if so what were the results. Thanks.
has anyone purchased anything from the olympus site, reconditioned?..i am curious if you would recommend?
Anyone purchase "reconditioned" from Olympus website? I'm guessing it would be similar to purchasing from Cameta?
I think the lens is sharp enough.But one of these was not from the Olympus.Can you tell which one?
So I hemmed and hawed and let the Olympus sale go by that ended on August 17 without buying anything. Do they have these sales fairly often throughout the year?
I'm just curious. Why does anyone use Olympus over one of the big brands like Canon and Nikon? Is there something special about this brand? If so, what is it?
Can anybody give a source for pouches for Olympus lens, given their meanness in not supplying them. Smallest I can find on ebay are 80mm diameter, whereas 45mm lens with hood re...
hi, i just bought a olympus em5 . I need a wide angle lense, could any body give a recommendation.thanks
I was cleaning out my closet and discovered that I still have the old Olympus FL-50 flash.  I think I bought it in 2007.  I no longer have any Olympus or Panasonic cameras.Wha...
Just for grins I will show you 6 photos of the same subjects using each lens. In all cases, the first one of the pair is the 9-18mm at 9mm.Olympus 9-18mmOlympus 9mm fisheyeOl...
Hi Folks Please tell me which is important factors for getting a used Olympus E3 or E5 consider a Olympus DSLR shutter counts? a Used set or refurb set ? Any folks know how man...
Is there a lens cap that will fit on the Olympus lens hood for Olympus 17mm f1.8 lens (on front of hood) rather than having to try to fit the cap on the lens itself?
What is the difference in terms of optical quality - image quality between the Olympus 40-150 mm. and the Olympus 14-150 mm. lens? Any compare samples?
My Christmas wish to Olympus.I just acquired a Panasonic FZ1000.  The defocus technology in this camera makes AF faster and more accurate than my EM1.  Please Olympus can you a...
I'm going to look at an used Olympus FL-36R tomorrow. I planning to use it on my Panasonic GX1. Will I have any limitations because I but an Olympus flash on a Panasonic camera?...
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