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More than a year ago

Hi,I have some Minolta MD lenses that i would like to use with my Nikon D5300, is there a particular adaptor for these Minolta lenses ?Thank you
I can buy used:Minolta Dimage 7iorMinolta Dimage A1,one or another, it is the question.What camera to choose and why ?Image quality is most important.Looking on net, seems to me...
What the topic says, anyone got a good eye for determining? which Minolta lens is this, and is it any good?
Do minolta lenses (like the 50mm f1.7) autofocus on sony alpha camaras like the a57, a65, ... ?thanks !
Where I found the driver for this printer Conica Minolta 1350W for my windows 8 pro? Please help me!
I notice some otherwise identical D lenses with either Minolta or Konica Minolta brand on them.Does that indicate the Konica Minolta branded lens is from a newer batch than the...
I have a question that i hope someone here can answer, and after searching i still have not found any definate answer.I am buying a new in the box 3600 flash,box shows "Minolt...
I have been looking at the Nikon D100 for a while now, but I am curious if the Minolta 7D is better? Plus, if the Minolta is only digital lenses or can I use film lenses as well...
i have Minolta 28-105 rs and i had minolta minolta 28mm 2.8. both lens are little green compare to new lens. Is that normal or because lens are 15 years old?Are newer Minolta ( ...
Minolta made a lot of good glass both AF and MF. Was wondering what the ultimate top 10 list of Minolta lenses would be. I have the Minolta 50mm f1.4 that should surely make the...
Please tell me what you think are the best prime lenses Minolta released?  The only three if you could carry. Not the big guns.
Kinda excited My new fuji xe2s camera is here and spring is almost here alsotook this with a minolta MD rokkor 50mm
Do Minolta autofocus lenses like for maxxum fit? - work? - if they fit what works and what doesn't?  For A6000 - forgot that part.Thanks
Does anyone know of an adaptor ring available so I can use my minolta dynax 7000i lenses on a Samsung NX2000?Thx
I have been thinking of buying the Sony 100mm 2.8 macro, is there any advantage over the Minolta version?
I need to get a front lens cover for a Minolta 50mm 1.7 AF (not RS). What mm diameter do I need? Thank you.
When was the Minolta Maxxum 3200i flash made and will it work wirelessly (sp) off camera?--Tacoma, Washington, USA
What are some must have Minolta lenses? I know the 70/210 f/4 is hugely popular, but what else is there that I should own? Especially in the prime spectrum...
Hellow... I have Minolta dynax 500si and got a bit problem. It doesn't set aperture and there is "HE" on the screen.please someone help me ...
Is there a noticeable difference in focusing speed with the older screw drive Minolta lenses on the new A77 II? The reason I ask is I have mostly Minolta lenses.Is it worth upg...
There is a guy in Zurich Switzerland (ex Minolta technician) who repairs Minolta lenses. he is very good. Speaks German. if you are in this area worth knowing
Some photos from today with my nex 6 and minolta 45mm f2. Adapter for minolta come today.Rate and comment
I want to try my older Minolta Lenses which have been sitting in the closet for many years with my new NEX 7.  These worked on the Minolta Maxxum. What sort of adaptor would be ...
I have a Minolta IV F Flash Meter, which I love for incident metering, but I'm finding the need for a spot meter. I'm trying to decide on adding a Minolta Spotmeter M or se...
What is the size of filters for Minolta MD 50 f1.7? can someone confirm it is 49mm?
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