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3 days ago

An interesting project has just come across my bench and I thought this might be of interest to a few people here:I was at my local lab the other day and sadly found out the...

4 days ago

I had my K-1000 in my backpack most of the day yesterday, and when I pulled it out today I heard a weird rattling sound. I took off the lens and the middle component on the back...

7 days ago

Welcome Just looking back I think Terminator 2 and Aliens are two of the movies I have watched the most. Titanic to. His movies come across as so accessible, very re-watch...

9 days ago

C&C always welcome. Thanks for looking 1 2 3 4 5  

10 days ago

Hey all, first post. I recently bought an old 23CII. I bought a new lamp and retrieved an old neg from my college days and loaded it in the enlarger. The problem is that the ima...

13 days ago

Someone mentioned Weekend At Bernies in another thread - I've got fond memories of the daft comedy, so was surprised to see such a large disparity in ratings on IMDB - 3.2 met...

15 days ago

Hey first post.So I recently got into shooting film stills, my background is in digital cinema.I was told that motion picture film had a latitude of about 14 stops, is thi...

16 days ago

Look...I'd not bought a camera for at least twelve months. That sort of thing starts to wear a chap down, don't you know. You find yourself looking at popular auction sites an...

19 days ago

Fuji usually doesn't fool around. Affects both 35mm and 120.Fujifilm Acros 100 Film To Be Discontinued in October 2018, Report Says - Fuji Rumors  

20 days ago

I have a picture that was taken about 1968 or 1969 with an inexpensive camera. This picture is an 8x10 which was probably blown up from a 4x6 or there abouts picture. This 8x1...
Hey! I am looking to get a new camera for film photography! Pls, suggest me some of your expert experiences!

22 days ago

So first off, Hello.. my name is Paul and I try to take pictures. Try is an important part of that statement I've not posted an intro so here it is in a few lines, been doin...
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23 days ago

Thought some of you might find this interesting. Its a movie rather than a documentary BUT its centered around a father trying to get his last rolls of Kodachrome developed....
Looks like August 2018 for a few who have 'paid-in' -  

25 days ago

Very attractive stuff:  
I'm an 80 year-old photographer so please forgive my ignorant technical question I have many precious negatives, some almost as old as I.Is there a very good quality device ...

27 days ago

from my Pentax MX w/ a 35/2.8 .... developed and scanned at a local lab in Vancouver ..1) from a photography show of a friend of mine -- taken aboard a Cargo ship trip from ...
I have a couple cameras that have a maximum ISO setting of 400. I understand (or I think I do) that if I was to shoot with faster film I could do so by leaving the camera set to...

More than a month ago

Do some of them testilie?‘Testilying’ by Police: A Stubborn Problem Almost as disturbing is the sealing of court records when police get caught lying and a case is throw...
I'd like to start developing 4x5 film myself but I wasn't sure which tank I should be looking at. Any suggestions?  
So I recently got this amazing deal off craiglist and acquired darkroom supplies. So I want to set it up in my storage room, but the counter I have is too tall and we don't hav...
When I first started to develop and print my films I used the above mentioned developer, I seem to remember it was capable of some really nice contrasty images reproduction and ...
But is former Bond Girl Elizabeth Windsor going to reprise her role in Boyles second go at directing 007 : Danny Boyle reveals he is working on script for next James Bond fil...
The local shop will put the negatives into sleeves (even 4x5s) and I just toss 'em in a box. I just got 100 sheets of 4x5 negative holders which is great but I don't have a bind...
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