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More than a month ago

I have purchased a number of movies from iTunes... and want to remove the DRM... this is a totally legit endeavor.I've seen several tools that promise to be able to do this,...
First came the mini V mount from Hawk-Woods.And now, a micro charger for Sony V mount and Paglink batteries
The only thing I was expecting in Final Cut 10.4 is the ability to export as H265 in the Master File menu... Whare is the option? The only way is exporting through Compressor or...
I just found out the Samsung Gear 360 camera is selling for $75 on Amazon. I have the new FCPX which is supposed to be able to edit 360 video.What do I need. Just the ca...
Hi Divers!!a video of Sea Slug, Plakobranchus! found in Raja Ampat (Indonesia)Hoppefully you will like it!!thank for watching!!  
Hi all,I'm considering setting up a RAID0 system, using 3 / 4 disks, through a combination of a JBOD enclosure and software RAID, either MacOS's own software or SoftRAID....
HiI am totally new to Apple Motion 5. I don't quite understand it yet.I want create simple fire animation. I can see there fire generator in particle emitters then pyro....
Moza AirCross is only 900g but takes a payload of 1.8kg Can also double up a remote pan-tilt head with wireless motion mimic and 12V plug-in power.
Fantastic design for on-cam or softbox use. Runs on 1 Sony NPF battery.$69
Anyone know if there is a a collapsible bowens mount snoot made of silicone?Anything that resemmble this
OK I have the panasonic lumix dmc-lx7 that i love.. it's just what I need for a pocket camera..I bought a zhiyun crane-m gimble for it and alls well.. however it's not compa...
HelloOn Sunday morning I went out to Withernsea on the East Coast of Yorkshire to take some early morning photography.Made a vlog for my channel, feel free to have a loo...
Is there a way to make my iMovie show on a loop? I have a 15 minute iMovie with Ken Burns'd pics and music (no video clips). I want to play it once through for an audience, then...
Ok so i just put a movie together in iMovie, i go to share it on Youtube and it says 'an error has occurred'..thats it...nothing else, nothing on what the error is, how to fix i...
3 Things: 1) What can I do here to fix the color shifting issues I have noticed with the GoPro as water color/depth changes so I don't get weird adjustment fixes in the midd...
I recently took advantage of the sale price being offered on the Kraken 3500s and hooked them up to my existing stills rig to take the plunge into video. A few wreck dives and ...
Hello,I made this video about a beautiful place near Rome in Italy.Made with Lumix FZ2000, G80, GoPro Hero 5 and Yuneec Breeze, hope you can like:  
Well, I think my SOLA 4K's have bit the preverbal dust ... after many years of awesome output, they now are exhibiting shady charging and not optimal output times...So, what...
This Octopus is very Dangerous, Small size but have a Strong Venon!!! at Arborek Island, Raja Ampat (Indonesia)  
Hi everyone,I've just tried out Compressor 4.4 on OS 10.13.2 for the first time (I usually use Compressor 4.3.2 on 10.12.6) and I'm having a problem with reference movies....
I'm using a program (MDRP) to rip my DVDs into m4v files and I think the 5.1 audio on the DVD is being mangled during the conversion. It's too hard to tell exactly what's going ...
I should have asked this earlier but I am diving Bull Sharks this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. currently overcast. I have underwater filters and I also have lights but it's been m...
Hi, I made a stop motion animation with action figures, any feedback would be genuinely appreciated, thank you  
Just toying with acquiring something at the more serious end without getting sily.. Seems poss...
Now that the XF405 is shipping, there is a finally a strong use case for Convergent Design Apollo's latest Titan Extract function. The Titan Extract function mimics how the Mev...
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