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8 days ago

Explained stuff as it should be.  

9 days ago

I thought it would be good to have a thread dedicated to iPhone cinema photography focussing on lenses, gimbals and apps.I have yet to try any lenses on the street, but goin...
Hi. I expected an issue with my current workflow and expectations have been met lolBase unit: Macbook r12 (2016)1. Memory card (from GoPro) into Lightning SD card adapt...
I bought a cheap little "Action Camera" by Bauhn at a local Aldi: It says that it supports Micro SD cards up to 64GB....
I have recently purchased a 2017 MacBook Pro which is running High Sierra. So far extremely happy with the new MacBook. I my line of work I am required to take video, wh...

10 days ago

Post your monochromatic photos here! Try to use a different color group each day, especially you b&w lovers.mon·o·chrome?män??kr?m/noun- 1.a photograph or picture...

12 days ago

Hello All,Let me begin by saying I have searched high and low on forums all over the place for an answer to my problem, hopefully I can find some help here, thanks in advance ...
Hello all,I'm going on a hiking trip (Havasu falls) in 2 months. My iphone 8 plus with a stabilizer will be my go to device to capture the trip. I will need to offload some ...
Hey guys! This is the first time I used some copyright-free music for one of my videos and just wanted to check what you think of the cutting in general? It is supposed to be ki...
The Fish going directly near the Scorpionfish , but still very fast, the Scorpionfish give to the prey no chance!!!  
If the only thing that appeals to you about shooting anamorphic is a letterbox and streaky lensflar, here's a simple screw-on filter solution!

13 days ago

I have an opportunity to get $200 for pro apps but not sure if I wanna get Final cut pro or not due to Davinci Resolve. Any thoughts?  
People who like to create content are usually screen casting at the same time they're recording themselves. Youtube tutorials etc. I found ScreencastOmatic. But are there be...
I want to start creating content mostly in the space of Youtube vlogs/tutorials. It will be mostly in studio but I also want to include video from where I live and work in Asia ...
Hi all I am interested to form a team to join this competition. Am from SP's mass communication school and want to direct my first short film. Anyone else keen to join this...

14 days ago

I only use Movie Maker for doing my video editing. I can find my way around it and it does WAY more than I will ever need for what i am doing. I had a go at doing a time lapse, ...

15 days ago

Timelapses are great fun: Car traffic (moving target)is a really good subject for creativity!View:  
The HipStar is scheduled for launch this year
Just been out this morning doing video with my DSLR, and I am pretty impressed with the functions. I went into movie settings, and turned manual movie setting to ON. I did not r...

16 days ago

Long time lurker- thanks to all regular posters.Want to share a recent trip to Cayo Largo Cuba- sorry for the potato quality- still rocking an old Galaxy S3 in a Watershot hou...
Title is pretty self explanatory. I have a movie file with a 7.1 channel audio track in AAC ripped from a BluRay’s AC3 (or equivalent) 7.1 track. iTunes and iPhone can play th...
I would like to rip some DVDs and then edit them in iMovie but am running into problems.With Handbrake (1.0.7) I can rip them and save as MP4 (.m4v) but iMovie literally takes...

17 days ago

Hello!I'm a photographer and will start doing video work now and am wondering if my Mac will work well for editing.I want to use:HD video from Canon cameras4K vide...
Evening all...I am currently working on a few bits of video ready for our USA '18 Wedding Adventure later this year. I'm hoping to upload a few videos whilst out there, and ...

18 days ago

Good news for supporters of the failed Lukilink kickstarter project.Taiwanese engineer Andy Zheng who markets HDMI to USB dongle under the Febon brand has an alternative so...
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