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Well, I think it's safe to say that Spring is now here. The weather has been stunning all day, and even stayed nice after work - so I went out to fly the drone for a bit V...
Hi all, as part of a Facebook group monthly landscape photography challenge I headed out to Mappleton on the east coast of Yorkshire to take a few images with rocks in.This ...
So i finished captioning a little minute video here at work, but when I export the file the captioning is not on the video. What in the world am I doing wrong? Audio / video wor...
Hi - is there anybody who used iDVD and Toast and can say what results have/had using iDVD and Toast? I never used Toast but always iDVD, and pretty much every time I run in...


I'm creating technical presentations like the attached video. /// Goal: The goal is to present my slides with recorded audio and realtime pointer that I draw on my...

2 days ago

Tonight I presented these short video clips at NYUPS (New York Underwater Photographic Society). This month the topic was "Marine Creatures without Backbones" I took these video...

4 days ago

Quick 10 min vlog, of what photography websites and apps I use, when I plan my photography trips.View:  

5 days ago

Wondering how to batch extract all images/frames from a video? I can manually grab single frames from a video (using VLC) but would take a while to go through a video lasting a ...
as some may know i got a new camera today. my parents suprised me with a Canon 80d. this shot is unedited aside from a crop iso 3200. the 80d is a pretty good step up from the...
Hi all,I'm using a Neewer 7" HDMI Field Monitor with my Nikon D5100 and am having a bit of trouble with the Live View working as intended. As you probably know, video is onl...

6 days ago

Most of us will be guilty of taking where we live for granted, this video is on my doorstep, i must get out more.  
Convert/Digitize your Wedding, Kid's first step, Family, Birthday, Travel etc. video tapes to DVD/Mp4. For storage or as a gift for friends. No matter your precious video tape...
The Cozumel Island museum is undergoing a huge renovation. One of the new galleries will be a room filled with "virtual aquariums," HD video screens showing 15- to 30-second cl...

8 days ago

at the moment I have this weekly slot shooting video and stills for a comedy club, it started off just one camera on a tripod in the centre of the room with camera mic, then it ...
Hey fellow diversI was recently on the Samambaia diving the south of Raja Ampat. The vessel is great, one of the best liveaboard experience if not the best I've ever had. I ...

9 days ago

12-Bit RAW!!!! 5" screen means no need external monitor. Recording to external SSD through USB-C. Battery life is about 60 minutes, I think it's doable just replace battery on e...

11 days ago

I'm having an extremely hard time finding an economical housing for my Sony Handycam HDR-XR500. The only housing that I have found cost more than the actual camera did when bou...
Sighting of a two spot octopus off the California coast, approximately 100 ' (30m) down @ Farnsworth Bank, 30 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, CA.PS - The loose press...

12 days ago

Taken from a Facebook postSomething to consider for people looking at Monitor...Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

13 days ago

As the title says... I’m researching the cheapest camera that allows for adapting to vintage lenses ... that records worthwhile 1080p video and has In Body Image/Sensor Stabilis...
I shot some video earlier this week for a client and I was horrified to discover how bad the focusing was on some of the footage. Fortunately as I had shot several takes, I have...
i saw this but sadly i am not Linux savvy enough. anyone wants to give it a try?
This is assuming they have a higher end phone like a iphone/Galaxy/PixelI have a Sony a6500 and I hardly ever use it and have been flip flopping on selling it the past few m...
I like to take time lapse of various stuff, like if I'm working on a project, but in some cases it's kind of cubbersome to setup the DSLR or I'm working in an environment where ...
With mirriorless now on par with the performance of a DSLR and surpassing them in some areas, what is still keeping you from making the change? I went from a P&S (an expensi...
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