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More than a year ago

Canon's official announcement was January 7, 2013. How long does it typically take between Canon's announcements of such cameras and availability in stores and on line?
Maybe it is just marketing (white lenses, red rings, potn , etc) but it seems to me Canon glass is overall better than Nikon. But which Nikon lens either has no Canon parallel;...
Well, Canon Marketing Malaysia is now on Facebook. Yes, it is official one. The reason as given is to connect closely to the Canon owners and people throughout Malaysia for...
What is the best Canon Powershot for night pictures or wide angle for more light whether the ELPH series or the SX series?
I am on the verge of buying an SX50 refurbished from Canon.  It would replace my SX10.  Any advice, warnings, etc. before I push the buy button?Thanks.  Tricia
Rumors sayed that finally Canon is going to release a new 50mm!!!!Which do you think will be? 1.8 or 1.4 IS
Is this the correct forum to post a question about the software that came with my canon camera?  
HI to all, I have a meikon housing for my canon T2i, I would like to know if anyone has put a dome port on this housing,
Having fun with a Canon SX50 and the beautiful Florida sunset this evening...Could this be why they call it the "Golden Hour"...?
I know that Sony Sensors are in Nikon full frame Cameras. Who manufactures Canon full frame Camera Sensors. Thank You Alphonso
Hi, Does anybody know where can I get the original charger for canon s95? I had lost mine. Thanks
Would someone explain the Dof button on the canon ae 1 to me? I don't really understand how and when to use it.
WTB:Used Nikon D90Nikon D80Nikon D60with or without lensCanonCanon 60DCanon 550DCanon 600Dcanon 650DCanon 700DCanon 70DCanon 6DCanon 5D mark2Canon 5D mark3with ...
just curious. Thinking about buying a refurbished lens from the Canon site.  Anyone here have any regrets or cautions!
Does anyone know approximately what Canon charges to microadjust lenses to a 5d3? I would send in multiple lenses at the the same time.Thanks.
Helloanyone using a canon 5 ds / sr have any sample files to share ?curious to see emThanks  
I just purchased a Sony A6000.  Could someone recommend a converter to use my Canon lenses on my Sony A6000?
I have just purchased a new Canon 100D (SL1). Is it necessary to install a firmware update? What are the benefits?
DearI am bigner at photography. I got Canon D700 i want to take a photo for a moving light.Can you  please assist me in this.
Is there any use for a Canon G12 that bit the dust in a rainstorm?  Are there parts that people could use or should I just chuck it?
Hi,I have the 28mm IS for Canon, but are looking for a 50+ lense with IS and AF. Any suggestions? Primes, not zooms. Any it should not be "that heavy".Stig
how satisfied are you with the new canon 7D II..and if did upgrade from 7D what are the advantages in your real life experience...
Hi All,I'm currently using a canon 1100d I am look at getting a use 50d. Is it still worth it?Thank
FYI Canon Link @ Vivocity (showroom) is closed for renovation from 14Feb to 13Mar14. Travelled a long way here only to find out.Rgds Vince
Hi all,could anyone tell me if good motion blur with water is achievable with the SL1 Canon 100Dthankyou
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