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More than a year ago

why isn't there a thread here on the Touit whereas there is one in the Sony forum?? Anyone bought it and have some photos or comments to share??
Just a heads up .. Zeiss just posted a little more information on their blog about their upcoming NEX lenses, the 32mm  and the  12mm .--"The only thing that gets in the way ...
I noticed today that that both SONY and AMAZON have dropped the price on this lens by $200.00....WHY?  WHATS HAPPENING?Ted
Hello, anybody knows where to buy this lens? Or anybody here who has to sell one?can't find one, not even on *bay... thanks
Anyone use these to wipe smudges off the front of the lens? They seemed a little hard and might scratch the glass or rub debris into the glass. Looking for a safe solution.
Item(s):Zeiss 49mm Carl Zeiss T* UV FilterPackage includes:- Zeiss 49mm Carl Zeiss T* UV Filter- Plastic Storage Case- Original BoxPrice:rm170Dealing method:COD Mid-...
Item(s):Zeiss 55mm Carl Zeiss T* UV FilterPackage includes:- Zeiss 55mm Carl Zeiss T* UV Filter- Plastic Storage Case- Original BoxPrice:rm190Dealing method:COD Mid-...
mind: this was a very underexposed picture with the snail almost completely in the shadows, so had to bump these quite a bit
It seems, that finally Zeiss finished their firmware and our lenses will finally able to fully use PDAF.Unfortunately, lens have to be sent to Zeiss to complete upgrade.http:...
Hey guys, so I currently own a Sony a77ii with the Sigma 70-200mm 2.8. I have been looking into primes for my portraits and engagement shoots. Two lenses came to my mind.85mm 1...
Over the years Zeiss produced several articles on lenses from the history of lens design (lens names) to detailed explanations of depth of field. They were difficult to find if ...
Been reading up on the various threads with heated debates and arguments about the optical performance of the FE24-70 f/4 Zeiss because I've been thinking about getting one.A v...
I am planning to buy a Leica 35mm, f2.5 lens for my M6. But looking at the Adarama web site I saw a Zeiss 35mm F2 T ZM Biogen lens for about $1,000 where as the Leica lens is ab...
I thought Zeiss did not offer OIS. What has changed? If true, I'm glad they changed their mind but why not on my eZ24?
Could anyone tell me whether the Zeiss Ikon plateholder nr. 668/9 is a regular holder (in German: einschieben) or a so-called pop-on pop-off holder (in German: Anlegen)? Perh...
Received my Zeiss 12mm almost a week ago but haven't had much time to play with it.Today I was testing it and realized that when I changed the aperture in manual mode, with eac...
I am now interested in the a6000 so have been reading up here about  E mount lens options. I am confused though when it comes to Zeiss. There seem to be Zeiss/Sony lenses and Ze...
Can someone make the case for Zeiss? I can't seem to figure it out. For Sony it makes total sense: Sony fills the mid-to-good-range lenses and Zeiss fills the premium end. With ...
What was the turn-of-the-century relationship between Zeiss, Kodak, and Bausch & Lomb? I have lenses labeled "Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat" and "Bausch & Lomb-Zeiss Tessar" with ...
When you look at same object with same distance using Canon 100mm Macro and Zeiss 100 planar, do they look same same size ?The reason why I asked this is that Canon 100mm is 1:...
Zeiss often get good reviews but I fail to see many images on this post that show a definite advantage from Zeiss lenses. That statement is a bit general so let me be more speci...
I came across this post by Amin Sabet at FujiXspot and thought it might be of interest to those considering the Fuji 35mm, Zeiss 32mm or for a similar price to the Zeiss a Sigma...
LINK[ want one though!
I came across this camera shop today and saw them selling this Carl Zeiss Jena 28mm f2.8 lens for praktica mount for 15pounds. I was wondering if this lens is any good for me to...
Hellois somebody able to show a picture of the Sony 35mm compared to the Zeiss 24mm. I own the Zeiss on my Nex-7 and despite this is a great lens it is big/long. So for walks wh...
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