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More than a year ago

I know there are folks out there using Zeiss lenses on their Fuji X cameras. However, I am finding very little on the web regarding the use of the Zeiss 50mm f2 ZM on an X camer...
I heard a lot of good result from the carl zeiss lenses, used on the 5D II canonI was looking at the Carl zeiss jena 70-210mm MC Macro, 1:4,5-5.6 lens and want to first see if ...
I will be getting a Sony A7R or whatever else comes along at some point. The question is do I get a 55mm f1.8 zeiss with all the quality attributed to it or do I get possibly an...
Hi all,  I am needing a new 77mm polariser and have been looking at the Zeiss line for my Canon lenses. Had a Hoya HD but it came apart on me and so thin that I can't it back to...
Just curious, but does anybody have any experience using Zeiss lenses with their Pentax cameras ? Zeiss makes a few stellar compact lenses for the Pentax including the 25mm f2 ...
I did not find it over the internet:- for the Zeiss lenses - would the Zeiss T* Polarizer be benefic? Wouldn't two T* coatings (lens + polarizer) affect the quality of the imag...
Playing around with the sony and zeiss can get pretty sharp photos, I mean really pretty sharp photos with the zeiss, very nice pair.  Here is an examplePat seriou...
I was using my 135 Zeiss almost exclusively until it got too heavy to carry around for a full day taking photos, so I retrieved my 85 Zeiss from the closet.Please see the resul...
has anyone done a comparison of Contax G 45mm with Zeiss ZM lenses - 50MM planar F2 or Zeiss ZM 35mm F2 Biogon. Not same price range though
Upgraded my zeiss 24 to firmware 0.2 but it seems the af speed, even after the update, is still a LOT slower than the kitlens. Kinda disappointed by this. Do I need to enable so...
Zeiss 16-70 1 pic from the Botanical Gardens (JPEG)-- hide signature --Canon A2E, Sony R1, Panny TZ5, NEX C3 & 5R + Zeiss 24mm E Lens, Nikon D5100
Two full-size Zeiss 16-70mm images (JPEGS slight exposure adjustment)-- hide signature --Canon A2E, Sony R1, Panny TZ5, NEX C3 & 5R + Zeiss 24mm E Lens, Nikon D5100
An interesting article. In summary: licensing issue.
For those interested in the Zeiss touit 50f2.8 lens. I think the featured pro is using Fujifilm X-E2 with the Zeiss lens.
Zeiss Batis 85mm is so beautiful on the a6000. This is a street shot while I was testing out the lens this afternoon. Perspective of a 127mm FF lens. Creamy bokeh and lovely Zei...
Another family of lenses from Zeiss. At least this time, they didn't only start with a 35mm and 50mm.
Zeiss Milvus line announced From info on B&H links provided it seems only MF, no AF....?
Hello all, I have always used either B+W or Heliopan Filters but I was wondering about Zeiss for my new 70-200 f4 FE, and for my pre-ordered Zeiss 25mm Batis. With newer lens...
Hello All,I have taken this capture with 5DM3+Zeiss 100mm @ f2.Why is the bokeh not pleasing or at least circular in nature ? Am I doing anything wrong ?How do I achieve a pl...
I guess I am. I just love the all metal build, the buttery smooth brass helicoids, the colour rendition, the microcontrast, the 3D effect, the fact that they're built to last de...
Hi guys, anyone here with Carl Zeiss Distagon T 21mm f/2.8 or Carl Zeiss Distagon T 18mm f/3.5 for canon/nikon FF? I'm researching to buy some UWA prime and would like to...
Hi, I'm looking for information such as coverage of very old Zeiss Triplets made at the time of WWI. The VM is mentioning them, but not showing details as coverage or ...
Any one have any IQ comparisons between the Zeiss and Rokinon offerings? I'm also considering the rokinon 10mm, but 12 is wide enough. Manual focus is fine; but AF is always ...
The lenses are in mint condition and the guy is asking for 230 euros for them is this good price?Do you think that this is good deal?
I really like zeiss lens, however, it seems prices are relatively high.  If there is more marketing for affordable selections of wide options to choose for zeiss lens, it will b...
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