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More than a year ago

Just ordered 32mm zeiss , what's your guys thoughts on this lense. For every review that says its great there's a review that says its supbar it seems.
I have not yet been able to find a review of the Zeiss Otus with a 35mm camera. If you have this lens and shoot 35mm film, I'd love to see what you come up with, especially comp...
Does anybody know if the Zeiss 55mm Otus is also made for video shooting, meaning it does not have any breathing effect when focusing?I also wonder if anybody knows the T stop ...
Did Zeiss release firmware updates for the X-mount Touit lenses?If so, where can it be downloaded from?
Sony manufactures Zeiss ZA as well as the non "ZA" branded lenses. What distinguishes these lenses other than the branding and the price? Are we just paying for a name?
What are the other alternative lenses that will adapt to EOS other than the Leica, Zeiss and Zuiko that are worth a look. Nothing exotic, just affordable and usable lenses. Plea...
Which Zeiss prime lens would you recommend to have with a Sony a6000 considering quality, sharpness etc.? Thanks
had a look at the Zeiss Touit macro, and it is a dream.... wonder if I should trade m Fujinon macro in.... Any current users?
Hello,I read somewhere here that Leica 35mm does not work well on a digital camera….but the 24mm does.Anyone had any experience with Zeiss on W=E1 in this range ??Thanks.
Is the tamron 24-70 a good alternative to the zeiss 24-70? There is a quite a price difference between these two and I am considering the tamron.
I read a lot of reviews about the zeiss 24-70 and most are not that positive. What is the experience of the A7(R) users with this lens?
Nice Matt Granger interview to Dr Hubert Nasse from Zeiss enjoy!
Is there a way to get eye af with the zeiss 55mm fe lens, it display as invalid lens please help.Thank you
Hi all,I am looking to pick up the Zeiss 12mm lens would anyone want to split ?  If you want the 32 PM me and we can work out the details.Cheers!Dave
Anyone wants to share the Fuji Zeiss Touit deal? I need the 12mm, if anyone in US and want to get 32mm will share the deal.
Using an old Carl Zeiss lens adapted to the Q.The flower is very tiny but I like the effect this lens produces, almost 3D. What you think?Jacob
Just what the title says - has anybody used Zeiss lens cleaning wipes? Are they good for lenses, or only for eyeglasses?
Any word on the performance of the Zeiss 18mm lens on the sony A7R? are there any differences between the M mount, canon mount or nikon mount versions in terms of image quality.
I would appreciate any info re: high end camera store in the Frankfurt area that carries a selection of Zeiss lenses.cheers,Ken (in St. Avold Fr.)-- hide signature --Ken
So, there I was taking a photo of a Zeiss 35mm f2.4 flektogon I am selling, and I see this number appearing only on photo...Has anyone seen anything like this before? Does a...
Is the Zeiss 1670/4 lens a full frame lens or cropped lens?  How can you tell if the e-mount lenses are full frame?  Thanks
Hi, can you suggest me a Zeiss lens (for a Hasselblad V system) to take body details, like noses, fingers, ears... Thanks
Something a little different from me. The Zeiss Ikon has recently become discontinued.So a couple of images to commemorate this fine camera.   .  Tony.
What a nice Zeiss construction. Pic is out of camera, just resized and slightly sharpened (Highpass filter - my favourite sharpening method).-- hide signature --Specs don't ...
Some of my better shots with My new lens.And one from the 15-50 2.8, which seems to be just a sharp as the zeiss.  But I haven't had enough time with bo...
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