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More than a year ago

jus nailed one piece. Sony selling at $1899 rrp. Out in sony wisma 20th july. This might be the last batch of "Carl zeiss" badged sony zeiss before it becomes only "zeiss"
Anyone have the Zeiss 2/135 APO Sonnar yet?Excited to see more samples. --Mássimo
I thought there would come a Carl zeiss zoom lens. Price around 1400 euro or less.I can't find any info about it though.Was I mistaken witht the 10-18mm lens from Sony? thx
Anyone looking forward to the Zeiss lenses coming out in April. I'm really interested in the 32mm 1.8 and how it compares to the legendary 35.
I just have a question for anyone who uses Zeiss/contax cameras. I recently purchased a Zeiss Tenax I and when I try rewinding the film back into the canister, the film sprock...
Interesting Zeiss event at Park Cameras London tomorrow - with Zeiss and Canon discounts and full range of Zeiss lenses to try -
Has there been mentioned any release date for the new Zeiss primes w/ Fuji mount? I'm especially interested in the 12mm wideangle.
New Zeiss Batis key info and specs: Chapeau Zeiss! The new BATIS lens announcement just added a huge value to the FE system. Those are the key points of the new lenses: 1) T...
Dream travel package: R1 (Zeiss 24 to 120mm), NEX with Zeiss 24mm-f/1.8 &  this fall the Zeiss 50mm-f/2.8 macro. Plus smart zoom on th R1 goes to 360 mm @ 1 meg.
Can't seem to find any information on this and not sure what is the difference (either from sony/zeiss website/google). Can anyone advise for the difference between sony VF-72MP...
I noticed there is no thread here showcasing Zeiss images. So I'll start one. Anything from the modern Zeiss, Sony ZA to the vintage Contax, Rollei. I would think there is also ...
Item(s):Zeiss 67mm Carl Zeiss T* UV FilterItem Info: Package includes:Filter with case & boxPrice:rm230De...
Zeiss is always a fascinating lens maker. Although some would prefer the look and color of Leica, Zeiss lenses still have their own unique rendition such as the 3-D look, the mo...
what do you think of the a77ii and 24f2 Zeiss acting as a 35mm equiv.? (if you have any experiences with this)
I ordered Zeiss Cloths and received Wipes. I've seen both boxes on the internet. Are they two different products or one in the same? Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.
has anyone used a zeiss planar 50mm f1.7 lens on the a6000? I just picked one up with a contax mount and I have ordered an adpater for it. I have no idea what the IQ is like ,bu...
what do you guys think about that lens? HUGE difference compared to the standard 50mm 1.4? Would you say the 50mm Zeiss to be Canon L quality lens?note: will be using on an a99
Has anyone used the Zeiss 16-70 on the A6000.  Does the supposed increased IQ warrant the increased cost over the kit lens? Thoughts?
For those of you interested in the all new Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1.4 ZM lens i wrote an article on
Does anyone here use M42 Zeiss lenses on APS-C or FF Nikon?How good they are?I have a 120/2.8, 180/2.8 and 300/4.
many of you have touted the 135 zeiss as your best lens.its for good reason - its really an OTUS lens !it may not say OTUS on the box but its an OTUS
I have the Zeiss Contax 50mm f/1.5 and f/2.0 lenses.What are the filter sizes. Any advice on lens hoods?
I am all into the sSony thing now and I am looking to trade a Zeiss DT-16-80mm F3.5-4.5 ZA LNIB for an A900 in excellent condition. If your interested send me a PM
Just wondering.... Looking at buying a Zeiss 21mm, but it is a Nikon mount. With an adapter can I use it on my 5DII without issue? Any downfalls? Thanks
Received the Zeiss this morning,a 1st try full open, slight cop and recompressed for WebLoaded, loose some peps and colors
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