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More than a year ago

Hi I have chance to buy a Tokina AT-X 17mm 3.5 or a Tokina 20-35 3.5-4.5. I intend to use the lens on a 5D 2 and for architecture. Anybody have any experience with the...
bought a tokina lens today, warranty can be register online? so sorry forgot to ask the sales before i left the shop
hello my friendsWhat's the better choise: one Tokina sd-atx 300mmf2.8 or one canon Fd 300mm f4L?thanks to all
How long does it typically take Tokina to have a lens to buy after it is announced?  Tokina announced its AT-X 11-20 f/2.8 lens at the beginning of February (2015), but it doesn...
Anyone more Canon16-35 to the Tokina 16-28? How has your experience been with the Tokina 16 to 28? I do not do landscapes so not have a filter is a non issue.
I keep seeing this lense without the apperture ring on the bottom. Is it a different lense? Shoulf I buy it? Is it an earler version?
They advertise themselves as the ecommerce outlet for Kenko Tokina Slik etc. I'm interested in one of their refurbished Tokina lenses. Thanks.
They advertise themselves as the ecommerce outlet for Kenko Tokina Slik etc.  I'm interested in one of their refurbished Tokina lenses.  Thanks.
Has anyone had to the aperture ribbon fix on there's yet? Trying to figure out how much this may cost me...
Do you think this is because there  is insufficient demand or is there some other reason? Has anybody had success with adaptors?
I was considering selling my Tokina 11-16mm to replace it with a Canon 16-35mm II. Upon inspecting the Tokina, I seem to have lost a screw from the under-side of the lens s...
This lens has been shown by Tokina at several shows over the past 2 years.  Does anyone know anything about when it will be released?  Or has it been killed off by Tokina?  Ther...

More than a month ago

Looking at purchasing a used D700 to use with above mentioned Tokina's. Any opinions out there on compatibility/performance?  

More than a year ago

I am currently having Canon EOS 450D with the following two Tokina lens, that i use extensively for landscape and macro photography.• Tokina 11mm-16mm f2.8• Tokina 100mm Macr...
What happened with new 70-200/f4It is supposed to be the First Tokina with stabilization and an ultrasonic motor. I'm waiting.--
I got an offer for the old first version of the Tokina AT-X 840 for 150€. That was not D-style (optimized for digital use). Would you recommend its use on a Nikon D80?Cheers!F...
HelloIs there any new information on this lens, which was shown as a prototype a year ago? Or did Tokina conclude that with the release of the Nikkor 70-200mm f4 that it was now...
Is the new Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 (Nikon) in the testing pipeline? If so, how far out might be even preliminary results? I am considering buying either the new Tokina 11-20 f2.8 or...
I had to return a Tokina 24-70 f2.8g lens because of extreme back focusing.I have heard via the internet that some Tokina lenses are back focusing on Nikon cameras.  I am looki...
Does anyone know of Filter solutions for this lens as it does not have threads.  There are several solutions that appear to offer but they sort of dance around the Tokina 16-28 ...
Anyone have any information, good/bad on a TC 1.4 for my Tokina?-- hide signature --CarolPentax K10D (2)Panasonic FZ40
Hi everyone,I have an IR converted nikon d200 and am hoping to pair it with this Tokina,either v1 or v2.Has anyone had any experience with either this combo,or this lens for I...
Will a Tokina "Full Frame" lens work on a crop sensor camera? Like a Canon EF lens will? Thanks in advance.
Hi,many people love and use the Tokina 11-16, but how do they control the aperture?do they all have the 300$ metabones adapter?
Hi everybody newbie poster to the forum. Sorry if wrong place. But does anyone own the Tokina 11-20 and like it compared to the Nikon 10-24. Also where to purchase in the UK. Th...
I've tried everything but the lee ring will not go on my Tokina Lens.  Anybody have any suggestions?
Anyone interested in a Tokina 16-50mm 2.8? Just got today, intended for my 1D, but wrong sensor size, think suits 30D, 40D etc
So I'm looking for a uwa zoom for my A7 (will also be using on my 6d also). Has anyone used the Tokina 16-28mm on their A7/R with a metabones adapter? If so, how was the AF if ...
I was given a Tokina Doubler for M/M.  I believe that means for Minolta.  Haven't tried it with my Alphas yet... thought I'd check here first and get any opinions/advice.Anyone...
Hi,Just seen this lens looking at the Nikon 70-200 f4. Has anyone used this Tokina or read a review comparing these two lens?Regard's
Hi, was wondering which nikon adapter i need to fit this on a G1. Will it be worth it? This Tokina is very sharp.
I just picked a used Tokina 50-135. Here are some pictures that I wanted to share from my first time out with this lens.
Does anyone have the Tokina 50-135? Can you post samples or give an opinion/review of it? Thanks!
I have seen some reviews on Tokina lenses that had rebates or a sale.Does anyone know if and when this may happen?I went to their web site and asked that question but got no a...
Just wanted to get an opinion if you guys think the tokina 11-16 would be a good combo with the 7D? In the market for new wide angle lens mostly for outdoor and automobile pho...
A very good source tells me that Tokina will be exhibiting at the Focus on Imaging show this year. It will be good to have at close look at their lens range as they only see...
Anyone tried using the Tokina 10-17 on a D800 in DX crop? Is the reduced viewfinder a pain? Or would I be better  off using a Sigma fisheye and cropping...?Advice welcome!
Its a bit cliche type of question.Bit, I need opinions from the Gurus on whether to pick tokina 11-16 OR sigma 10-20
Does anyone have this setting i.e Tokina 100mm F2.8 and Ikelite flat post? If yes please a little review on how you're doing will be immensely appreciated. Thanks 
Hi!Just a few pictures of sparrows taken with the legendary Tokina 300mm F6.3 MF.-- hide signature --Inkheart
Has anyone ordered this? I'm wondering how it fares compared to the Sigma 10-20 and the Tokina 11-16. The funny thing is the Tokina website lists the minimum focus distance as 9...
Tokina seems to be coming out with this new lens and it seems to be overlooked. link  
I was surprised to learn that Tokina no longer makes lenses for Pentax. Is this true? I love Tokina Lenses.In fact, one of my all time favs and one of the few lenses I regret ...
I am planning on buying the tokina 12-28mm for my D7100 and I wanted to get some opinions on this lens before I purchase it. I am planning on using this lens for landscape scene...
Hi, i want to buy a lens for macro but Nikon 105mm VR cost around $900 and I saw the Tokina 100mm. I want to buy this tokina, but I didn`t find which port I have to use on Nauti...
I have a Tokina 12-24 that I have used 80% of the time on my D7000. CA was an issue only at either end. ie 12mm and 24mm. However I've just purchased a D7100. The Tokina is now ...
This is my first Tokina lens used on dslr, and I must say, I am loving with this. Lens seems prettysharp and I am just trying to get the right exposure.16mm bit too wide for m...
I am really unsure which lens to choose. It would be used to shoot anything from landscape to people in a house where I am fairly close to the subject.The 12-24 will give me mo...
Could someone help me out here? I'm going to get one of them but don't know if I should spend the extra $200 on the latest version.
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