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More than a year ago

Took delivery of one of these today and it is yet another stinker from Tamron Never buying another Tamron lens again for as long as I live  
Hello! Do you guys know where I can just purchase a Tamron Lens Cap? Mine has been damaged! Thanks!
Hello! If you're a Tamron user visit Totally Tamron - the new home for all Tamron lens owners. You can chat with other Tamron owners, read reviews on Tamron lenses ...
Which would be the best lens for my d3200 to shoot out door kayaking. A Tamron 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 DI II VC or the Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 DI VC USD. they are quite different price...
I realize no one has seen the rumored MFT Tamron 14-300mm, but I was about to buy the Panny 14-140mm so I'm wondering should I wait to see what the Tamron is like?I know nothin...
I was hoping to get some feedback on the Tamron 16-300 lens for travel.  If anyone has any images that I can look at I would appreciate it.Thank you.
Hi,I have been not satisfied by sharpness of the Tamron 70-300, see picture. What is your experience? Am I doing something wrong?Thanks,Martin
I am looking at geeting a Tamron 150x600mm lens for my Cannon t4i. What is the affective distance I can expect to get for wildlife shots.
I may soon be able to afford one of these.Am looking at a 150-600 Sigma or Tamron sports for Wildlife shots.Are there any advantages of one over the other?Is one more shar...
Tamron has announced an 16-300 lens for crop cameras.  Does anyone know an approximate release date for this lens?
Anyone use both and what's the drawback if any to the Tamron?-- hide signature
Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade from a tamron 10-24mm to something faster and all round better IQ. Without breaking the bank! Tnx
I may go for a 1.4x tc to use with the tamron on a nikon d7000, can anyone recommend which brand would be best?  
Where did you order your Tamron 150-600 from? How long did you wait for it? If you are still waiting when did you order it?
Thinking of buying the Tamron 16-300 and wondered if anyone on here had first hand knowledge of it yet?Cheers
Once again an interesting Tamron (birding, airshows etc) and no Pentax (Ricoh) K-mount!! Discuss.Brian
Despite it's rather bizarre appearance, this lens deserves it's place in history. It's the Tamron Model 910P, from 1961.

23 days ago

Thinking about getting one of these but paying near 1K for a Tamron is quite daunting really.Anyone have one and have any thought about it ?  

More than a month ago

Hi, has anyone had the chance of using the new Tamron 18-400 lens. If so, what are their views on this lens.  

More than a year ago

Dear All, I had misplace my Original Tamron 62mm Lens Cap Would there be anywhere I can get the Original one ?
Picked up a Tamron 70-300 today for $100 off of craigs list. Been waiting for one to show up at a good price
Can I expect better photos by choosing the Nikon 70-200 2.8 over Tamron? There is a $1,000 difference between the two.
I got this lens few months ago and I still trying to make work the best I can.Nikon D300-Tamron 150-600mmNikon D300-Tamron 150-600mm
Hi guys,I don't often post pics otherwise D750 Tamron @600mmD7100 Tamron 340mm-- hide signature --Dave's clichés
Good EveningWhich lens in the Tamron range { VR } would be the appropriate Tamron 70-200mmfor the Nikon D 7000 for general use ???Many thanks , I do appreciate your help !Dave.
After a couple months I am starting to see some better results with the Tamron during some aviation events. Here are few shots using the Tamron with my Nikon d610.
MY Tamron 17-55 shutter is stuck at F2. Have anyone encountered this before. Can self fix or must return to tamron service center? How much ya? Pleaseeee help
I have both the Nikon D7100 and the Canon 70D. I can afford one Tamron 150-600. If it was your choice would you buy the Tamron for the Canon or the Nikon and why? Thank you.
Has anyone had any experience with the new Tamron 16-300mm lens? I have a friend with a Canon who is considering it. He asked for my opinion but I've never used a Tamron and I s...
Came across these whilst looking for something else. Obviously a sales ploy, but may be of interest to some. Kev
I like the look of the new Tamron 16 to 300 lens but I have a Lumix DMC-G5 which is Micro Four Thirds, is there a converter I can get so the Tamron lens will work on my G5 and f...
Any speculation on what rebates Tamron will offer Nov 1?  I have been waiting to pull the trigger for a Tamron 70-300VC in hopes they will start the $100 rebate again.....waitin...
Is the tamron 24-70 a good alternative to the zeiss 24-70? There is a quite a price difference between these two and I am considering the tamron.
Why won't the canon teleconverter work with a Tamron 150-600 g2? And if I buy the Tamron, is it compatible with Canon lenses? Agent all the contacts in it the same on both?  
Does anyone have reliable info as to when the new Tamron MFT 14-150mm lens is expected to be available? And how about any info about this lens other than that which Tamron has ...
Would a Tamron 70-300 Di VC etc. be compatible with a 5d classic? I know Canon EF-S aren't but have no idea regarding the Tamron. Thank you
In January, Tamron came out with a press release about their superzoom 14-150 for mft. Now it`s september, and nobody have a clue what happened. Did Tamron got cold feet?
Hi, Pls help, I have spotted some fungus on my tamron lens, PLease let me know if any service centre, either 3rd party of tamron, and approximate cost of cleaning len.. ...
Over the last week I have found my 90mm Tamron Macro on my camera so often. Is great for portraits on my D3100 and as sharp as a tack. The best $350 I have spent. I'd love to ge...
Does anybody use the new Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 ?????Is it a good alternative ?I have the Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 and its a very good len
I bought a Tamron lens at the end of September, and still haven't received my rebate. Anybody else get a Tamron rebate? How long did it take to get the check? Five months seems ...
I have the Sony A57 on the way to replace my A55 and was considering upgrading my Tamron 18-250 to the new Tamron 18-270 as well. However, I am not sure if this is a worthwhile...
If you want to win an iPad 2, then head over to Tamron's new game, Tamron Island . Travel around Tamron Island snapping pictures ? the better they are, the more points you get a...
with the Canon 70D.The exif is intact.These are handheld, some at 600mm, others at shorter lengths.
Whatever became of this lens? Is it destined to be vaporware forever?-- hide signature --No Signature.
Which one of these two lenses is an overall better performer in terms of quality and performance?  
Just wondering if anyone else has tried any,seems to me auto focus may be to slow. So anyone try any vid?
Hi does anybody know if this lenses would suitable for photographing high flying aircraft and contrails?

More than a month ago

Has anyone used a tele converter with this lens to good effect? if so which one. nothing above 1.7.  
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