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More than a year ago

to match and outperform the Fuji X-T1 with the A7000 ( successor of the NEX-7) and the successor of the A7r.How do you think Sony will respond?
I have been thinking of buying the Sony 100mm 2.8 macro, is there any advantage over the Minolta version?
I was just wondering you are happy with your Sony, or if you were to start over would you rather get a Canon or Nikon?I don't mean to offend anyone, I am just curious.Thanks!
Hi All, Am planning to buy sony a58k please suggest shall i go for it. since i reviewed cannon D600. please help.
Is there any way you can see the AF points when images viewed back on screen, ie with Sony or adobe software?cheersIan
Hey anybody out there used sony cyber shot for street fashion photography if yes any tips or guidance on it.
Anyone know where i can purchase an eyecup/eyepiece for the Sony A7?i lost it already (need to put some black tap across the top next time.
So I am bit confused is the Sony RX1 stabilized? I see the option in the menu but I keep hearing the lens does not have image stabilization.  Which is it?
The EU ones. Now, I hope Sony would relax controls over the street prices and let the market dictate them.
My Sony RX100III will not work. I have 3 different batteries, they all show that they are charged, but nothing happens when I push the on button. no signs of life at all. Any su...
I had planned to do such a compare but was unable to obtain the sony and am now delaying purchase for a while. So has anyone done a compare or have comments?Mike
Thinking of buying this camera Sony HX90v to replace an old Samsung EX1.How good is this camera?Are you guys happy with yours or would you choose something else?Rmw487.
Am looking for something lighter than a SLR but can also take good photos. Thinking of the Sony A7S. Anyone tried that alr? How is it? Can give some feedback? Thanks!
I understand there are both sony and third party grips available for the RX100 III. Would anyone be so kind to provide a reference?Thanks.
Hi allWhere can I find a list of flash units capable of HSS for Sony A6000? Looking for a small one for travel. Thanks.
Has anyone used the adapters for the new cameras to use the sony A and Minolta lenses? Is so I would be interested to know how much they improved the autofocus
hi, anyone know where i can get the adapter for sony nex 5T so i can attach other camera lens on? and roughly how much is the price of the adapter?
Hi,Now that the Sony a6000 camera seems to be available in some parts of the world I'm surprised there hasn't been any official reviews yet.
Anyone know where still selling Sony RX100 MK1. Mk2 is very expensive and the additional function doesn't interest me too. thanks
According to sonyalpharumors and, Sony is working on a new mediium format mirrorless camera.
Out of these two, which one produces sharper video and is better at low light?Panasonic HC-V750K Sony HDRPJ540/B
I noticed in a thread of 6 months ago that someone was able to download a tutorial for the Sony a6000. If anyone knows where that is, please let me know.
Does the A77ii not support the Sony Wireless Remote for shutter release?-- hide signature --Gary in PA
Hi,what stands for "DT" in the Sony A-mount Part Number Name?For example: Sony 35 mm vs. Sony DT 35mmThanks.
I currently have the Pentax wg3 but I was thinking about selling it to get the Sony TX30. Anyone out there have experience with both that can give me some feedback?
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