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More than a year ago

Decided to try my hand at making a LR profile for the Rokinon/Samyang 14mm lens, as I wasn't completely happy with the ones I found floating around. Here the result, so far...
Just wondering if I'm alone here... after primarily using the Samyang 14mm for wide angle for a few months, I tried the EF 17-40mm and it seems to capture a lot less detail...
Wonder what the price will be. IQ is very good on all the Samyang/Rokinon/Bower lenses, i expect this to be the same. I have been looking for something like this,  i hope it's c...
For anyone wondering about using the Samyang 14mm with the Ar7. Here are a couple I took at night using the Metabones NF to E mount adapter.Not sure what I think of this combo....
Anyone have this lens and are using it on your Fuji X camera?  I am considering it.  I currently have the Fuji 14mm and am thinking of going a little wider.  I intend to keep th...
Some photos from a nice autumn day at an old manor house and gardens.I'm pleased with the 12mm Samyang and X-T10 comboThe (very) old manor houseChris
Hi guys,I'm getting a used 24mm F1.4 Samyang to use on my 6D, but it's a Nikon mount.I've got an adapter, which I usually use with some old Nikon lenses, I presume it'll be fi...
Hi guys, do you think I can use a Samyang 14mm F2.8 with Olympus mount on my 6D?Since its a manual lens, I really only need a cheap adapter... Right?Will it vignette any more ...
Hi, I am looking for Samyang 8mm f 3.5 Fisheye, preferably used item, good condition. No budget for new item.Nikon mount, if you have it, please PM me. Location : Klang Valley...
Furong Town, Hunan, ChinaZhangjiajie, Hunan, ChinaBoth taken with the Samyang Fisheye lens, un-defished.all comments and recommendation on how to improve the use of this len...
I have been trying to find some nice examples of the tilt effect (aka miniature) from the Samyang 24 TS lens, but I don't seem to be very successful. I have found some good shif...
I'd be interested to hear any hands on results from the Rokinon (Samyang) 24 tilt and shift lens.  I know it has gotten some decent reviews but I'd still be interested in your o...
The Samyang 85mm f1.4 4/3 (Olympus) + adapter 4/3 -> m4/3?? Wouldn't problems 4/3 adapter on Panasonic G7?
I just got the Samyang 7.5 and was hoping one of you guys could help me out with how I could use a polarizing filter with it. I'm taking it to Yellowstone in a few weeks and wan...
Samyang offers their fisheye 8mm in f3.5 or f3.8 meant for video where aperture can be changed smoothly.what is the point or the desired effect of changing aperture while filming?
I'm considering getting the Samyang 14mm for my a6000 (and a7s, but want to focus on the a6000)....Has anyone tried this?Results?Thoughts?Thanks in advance.PS: Main use wil...
Does anyone know where to buy Samyang/Rokinon 85mm f1.4 AE version nikon mount? And how much? TQ fr your time
HI folks have not been posting here for like 3 years ;Plike to share some shots from the samyang 85 mm F1.4This shot was captured at ISO 1600 F1.4
Taken with an a6000, Samyang/Rokinon/etc 12/2.0. It's iso 100, 30 second exposure ... and I forget at what aperature. Maybe f8?
I picked up this 18-24mm Samyang fisheye lens from Evilbay for very short money. Tried searching for it on the web, but no real luck. Anyone have any experience with this lens? ...
Does anyone know where I might obtain a lens profile for the Samyang 8 mm f/2.8 fisheye lens for use in Lightroom 5?-- hide signature --Best Regards,Russ
samyang is amazing lens - very very sharp lens - don't trust for their review.. its amazing combo with A7.. Tessar is very retro lens with glow and weak coating.. b...
Hey all, I recently bought a Samyang 85mm 1.4 for my Canon 60D, but the lens itself looks different from what you normally see. This is what the lens normally looks li...
Hi ,, i have a Samyang 35mm f/1.4 lens that has a drop and a problem with manual focus ring reults in , the problem is am from Egypt ,, we have no repair service in Egypt nor Mi...
SAMYANG 10mm & Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2,5k How would the Video looks on a APS-C Sensor ?
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