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More than a year ago

Hi there!I'm  about to purchase the Ricoh Gr and was wondering if the sigma vf11 viewfinder  would be a good choice for this camera.Thanks in advance
Hello,When they came out the "A" was $300 more than the GR it seems that while the GR is keeping its value incredibely well, even 2nd hand, the "A" is going down steply...
Two different parts of the world.. the I-10 heading out of Palm Springs; and Liverpool Centre in England.Still learning my Ricoh GR.  Enjoying it.  But wanting to love it.  Not...
I bought this Ricoh GR last year and haven't put it on a serious shoot-out. I went out yesterday with my children and had these shots:Constructive critics are most welcome
I'm thinking of getting a WG-4 and was just wondering if this camera or other Ricoh compacts will fire/ sync/meter a speedlight using optical sensor?  I have a bunch of YN flash...
I cannot find anything by reading through Amazon and B+H, or through some google searches, but does anyone know if any EVF's from Oly and/or other camera makers are compatible w...
I am looking for a neoprene case for the Ricoh GR point and shoot. Any thoughts?The camera is 4.61x2.40x1.37 in
Hi! Im considering buying a Ricoh GR and would like to ask for recommendations on where to buy. Is it recommended to buy from Amazon and ship it here? Will the warranty be honor...
Hi, a few pics from Slovakia`s capital city of Bratislava; all by Ricoh GR1.2.3.4.C&C welcome-- hide signature --daniel.
hi there. There is no representation of Ricoh in my country. I have R5 camera which runs on DB60 battery which is not available here. please suggest any substitute or replacemen...
Lets just vote here. What would u like the next Ricoh GR focal length be. For a moment just stop acting like scientist and assume the physical size limitations.
Dear members and Ricoh GR users,I am wondering whether it is possible to transfer images directly from camera to phone via USB cable?Kind regardsDavid
Any suggestions for a bag to carry my Ricoh GR + wide angle adapter? It should be possible to keep the both attached or unattached in the bag.
See Steve's hands on review here:Ricoh GR Digital II
See Steve's hands on review here:Ricoh R10
Hi, these are a couple of my first photos with my new Ricoh Gr. These were taken at pine forest in NSW, Australia.  Loving the camera and looking forward to trying all sorts of ...
I have a ricoh 35 flex for sale. It's in very good conditions with original case,produced in 1963.Anyone have a clue how much worth that is??
I just received an email from Alex @ Popflash that they have the Ricoh GH-3 hood/adapter in stock, in case anyone has been looking.
Hello All, The Ricoh GR is on sale for $696.95 (USD) at Adorama. I just bought one and can't wait until it arrives. John
Hi i own the ricoh gr4 and the outer lens ring has gone missing, ive tried everyone i can think of for a replacement any ideas please thankyou.
I just got my Ricoh Theta in the mail. Here is my first shot with it. My buddies and I having dinner...
Discovered on the Ricoh website as the latest compact camera.Nice and handy looking with a 15x wideangle zoom starting at 24mm.No information found here at dpr. Did I miss som...
I just received my GR and this is one of the first images. I believe it was taken in Macro mode if I remember correctly.Ricoh GR, f/5.6, 1/180, ISO 100
Does anyone know what a good price for the Ricoh GR III would be used?also, is it worth it to get the GR IV over the III, or even wait for the V that seems to be coming out so...
While out in the camera mall last weekend I spotted this Ricoh in the window.  Could be a hot seller.--9 years of Fujifilm camera usage, ended by rampant fanboyism.
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