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More than a year ago

Hi all! My Dad just passed me a Ricoh 35ZF. Is there any place I can sent it for cleaning and servicing? Ricoh don't service this model any more as it's too old. Thanks!
Yep, looks like we will continue to see Pentx and Ricoh cameras despite rumors that Ricoh was going to stop their branded cameras. This is according to Armature Photographer mag...
Just a few snaps on my first day here. So far, I have not gotten the best out of this camera:regardsLim
I am amazed at how much shadow detail I can recover from this image. We can even see the lady on the other side clearly.
My coworker let me borrow hers for the weekend I always wanted to try one. Still trying to figure the camera out.
I understand that the jpeg color is somewhat muted. Is this a problem and if so what's a remedy besides shooting in raw? Thanks.
Compared with my NEX5N + Sigma 19/2,8 this little `fellow´ is so...........different. It's all about IQ.
For anyone interested and in Singapore Cathay Photo (Peninsula Plaza) has them in stock.I just walked in and bought one and they had four more.
Hi this is my first post. Sharing you some of my first images from my GXR. B & W Color
Ricoh was once rather unique, as was Pentax. But with the Pentax acquisition, Pentax is no longer Pentax and Ricoh is no longer Ricoh.I see a dimming light at the end of that t...
The Ricoh GR is now in stock in the UK at Park Cameras: Just ordered mine and hope to have it tomorrow 
Nikon seems to have better RAW files, and Ricoh seems to be softer at the edges...
Came to know about it from Ricoh Forum. They are selling APSC modules for ~$250 and body for $124..I believe at these prices GXR is a steal...more interestingly is it a sign of ...
Since its merger with Pentax, is Ricoh withdrawing from the enthusiast market. Gxr had so much potential when launched but has fallen way behind now. Fuji, Olympus etc are produ...
I took these yesterday with my Fuji XE, some raw, some jpeg, raw on topbelow I will post ricoh shots that I can find??
See the link for further information. Pentax brand is still around. Do not worry.COMPANY NAME CHANGE July 02, 2013 COMPANY NAME CHANGE PENTAX RICOH IMAGING ...
As we seen already from MX-1, looks like an old SLR series design,whichI think this is modern trend of today's digital camera.If Ricoh is releasing GXR2, then, we'll probably go...
My first camera with a APS-C sensor...and my first Ricoh.I've owned 26 camera's since 2002 (all digital)I need to use it more often.ANAYV
Suddenly this morning I am getting spam from Ricoh Imaging. I don't know how they got my email address. They probably bought it from one of the online retailers.I consider this...
I don't know Ricoh company at all. I've heard good things on GR camera. This model is close to 2 years old. Anyone knows if an update is coming soon?
Hi there!I'm  about to purchase the Ricoh Gr and was wondering if the sigma vf11 viewfinder  would be a good choice for this camera.Thanks in advance
Hello,When they came out the "A" was $300 more than the GR it seems that while the GR is keeping its value incredibely well, even 2nd hand, the "A" is going down steply...
Two different parts of the world.. the I-10 heading out of Palm Springs; and Liverpool Centre in England.Still learning my Ricoh GR.  Enjoying it.  But wanting to love it.  Not...
I bought this Ricoh GR last year and haven't put it on a serious shoot-out. I went out yesterday with my children and had these shots:Constructive critics are most welcome
I lost mine already from using my GV-1 viewfinder. Anyone know where to get a new one? Also does anyone make a thumb grip for the Ricoh? Is it even needed?
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