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More than a year ago

Photoshop keeps crashing on me everytime I attempt to use my plug-ins...Nik sepro 2 etc. today. Anyone got any ideas?
Can anyone tell me if is possible to import a vector image Ai. in Photoshop and transform it in to a shape ?For example a vector silhouette .
Hi I just want to ask how do you edit your photos at the same time in photoshop. Like adjusting brightness and contrast. thanks
An interesting video for those who like to know how a product came to be - Adobe Photoshop - The founders discuss its history at a 20 year reunion.
There are two options for me to save images in Photoshop. One is save for web feature and other is save as. I am developing a site. From these two options which is most suitable...
I exported my unsharpened image from capture one, once I open it in photoshop and save it the image has been sharpened. Is there anyway of disabling it. Thanks.
is it possible to allow only certain exif data to be visible to others when sharing files/pictures in lightroom and photoshop?
This is a question aimed at Photoshop users. Do any of you use plug ins and if so which do you consider worth using? Andy
I am trying to figure out how to edit the EXIF data in Photoshop and am puzzled how to go about it. Does anyone know how to do this?
Does anyone know where my image goes if I delete it in the "open file" window (ctrl + O -box)? Does Photoshop have a trash can?
I would like to use some actions in photoshop elements, most of my photos are of people. Can anyone here recommend a good set of actions for portraits and people?
Hi all, Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta has been posted - Download is almost 1 Gb. I am in the process of downloading it and will report back as soon as possible. First reports are ver...
Really nice Photoshop introductory lesson by the folks at B&H for the photographer. Kudos to them for doing this constantly!
hello every body please help me i am new to photoshop and i am not figuring out what is this image below please help me how do i make this type of image
hi all can anyone help please i have been trying to update photoshop and keep getting the above error message, i have run windows update but nothing changes  
Anyone recommend a good Lightroom/photoshop course in London that they've taken? Looking for either a day or two or an evening class over a few weeks...Thanks  
I have many Photos so i need shortcut code in a Photoshop where i apply stamping tell me a shortcut tool 
I tried to install photoshop in my lap, but I can't. It often asks me the product key I don't have an idea about where to get a product key. Can anyone help me to come out of th...
What's the best tool for learning Adobe Photoshop CC besides the provided tutorials, I know about them.
Hello, I have been finding it difficul to clean up my photos to get them to a much higher standard. Please can anyone offer some tips that will make my use of photoshop muc...
An interesting take on Photoshop!! Dave
Hi all,I was wondering if this letterpress effect was done in Photoshop or Illustrator? I have been unable to recreate it with such fine detail and softness in Photoshop.....
I downloaded the latest update last week and now when I have finished in photoshop I get this page and when I open a file from bridge letting it open photoshop for...
So i just upgraded to the latest version of Photoshop , seems like a big mistake .The vertical panel on the left has completely vanished !Photoshop looks unfamiliar to me .Do...
I took some family photos and i want to edit them in photoshop to do things like whiten teeth, etc. What plugins can i get for Photoshop CS4 to do this
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