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More than a year ago

Can a Graflex rollfilm back be used or easily adapted to work on a Linhof Tech III? Right now the Linhof back is a bit spendy for me.
I am looking to replace my bellows on my Linhof 70. Does anyone have experience with the ones out of China, or should I track down an original Linhof one.
Hi all, I'm in trouble with this, what type of Linhof is it ? I guess a Master technika but i'm not sure.... ..
Does anyone know how you go about using this Linhof Cable release attachment? Thanks Dennis Purdy
Has someone here any experiences with this Linhof focusing aid and will share it? How reliable is it?

More than a month ago

I want to find a nice Linhof 4x5, but do not know which model to search for. Anybody have experience with them? Which model, which lenses, etc. Thanks

More than a year ago

Did Linhof ever make an 8x10 Technkia? I know it would have weighed as much as a Tiger tank, but it would be interesting to see.
Does anyone know when Linhof stopped using Carl Zeiss Jena lenses ? I've been offered a Linhof CZJ Tessar lens, well it's in the correct era Linhof Compur shutter lens ser...
If I owned a Linhof Technika IV or V, would I be able to get a new cam specially made for a lens, who would do it, and how much would it cost (roughly)? Many thanks!
how can i mount the Apo ronar 360 on a Linhof lensboard copal 3 ? The lever of the diaphragms touch.
Hi LF Forum, Could anybody tell me a little more about a Linhof Technika with the serial 6491084 Model Year Produced Thanks, ajbski
I just received a Linhof Tech III and want to determine which version I have. Where do I find the serial number?Thanks in advance,Bob
Can someone tell me what model and year of this Linhof? Serial number 2435001 thank you! Robert
Is there a Linhof Tech Master cam for 110mm? Searching the web, the answer almost suggests "no". Vick
how to measure and cut down a Linhof lens cam? I would like to make a cam for a Linhof 4x5 - I have a 150mm cam - I presume I can cut it down to a 130mm cam?
I was thinking of getting a Linhof dark cloth for my Master Technika, they are only $235 from B&H. Any reason why I should go with another brand? I know they are not camera spec...
In the 60s and 70s Linhof sold many, many tripods. They were quite expensive but well-made, reliable and often weighed less than others. My question is, does anyone have a ...
hi all,i got some photography cameras and lenses as a present..the are old and i dont know what can i do with or for how much to sellplease helpthank yougilad
Hello gentlemen How do you tell a a 13x18 universal finder from a 4x5 (old brown models)? Regards
Which lenses can I mount into a 5x7 Technika that I can leave in place with the camera folded? Thanks, Kevin.
Like many, I have standardized on Linhof Technika lens boards. My Canham Traditional front standard takes them, my Technikardan 45s takes them and I have a Sinar to Linhof ...
What are the benefits of Linhof 3D Leveling head II over a high quality ball head?
Well, the topic kinda says it all. For what model is the Linhof 5x7 lens board that does not have the small notch on the bottom? And has a slight groove on the upper part.
Hi, Can anyone send me a pdf or a site address with linhof kardan bi system brochure? Thanks. ?ukasz
I use a Linhof Technika IV and wish to lubricate the sliding surface on the carriage that extends the bellows - can anyone suggest the correct material to use? Thanks ...
Good morning, I'm considering entering the LF arena, and I am wondering what you think of the Linhof Kardan Bi 4x5 camera as a first camera? Bob
Hi, My Linhof Technika front plate is really hard to lift up. I found lubricant between front plate and gear rack almost gone. Is somebody know what kind lubricant or greas...
went to a pre-estate sale (old guy selling off all his gear), and among other stuff..I picked up what seems to be a Linhof focal plane shutter backgot it to fire - BUT...
Auction site item # 131266745670It is rare for a good reason. Linhof pulled it from the market due to issues..
Anyone every make an 5X7 adaptor back for the Technikardan 45s? Assume Linhof never offered such an adaptor? Trying to figure out if this is feasible? Sandy
Hello, I'm considering purchasing a Linhof. Can anyone ID this specific model? I think it's the Master Technika Classic, but not positive. Any help would be much appreci...
Hi I'm about to take my first tentative steps in large format. Today I bought a Linhof with serial number 9878768. Can anyone tell me anything about it? It's with a ma...
Does anyone know if bag bellows from the Technikardan can be used on a Linhof Master Technika (older model)? THANKS!
looking for a high quality shutter cable release to last a lifetime. just go with the Leica shutter release cable or is the Linhof a better build? thanks.
I just found that I own seven Linhof 9x12 film holders. I thought they were 4x5. Okay, what do I do with them? Anyone want to trade for 4x5? regards Vick
Hello,Does anyone knows if a new Linhof groundglass for the Technikardan 23 also fits in the back of a Super Technika 6x9? My old groundglass is severely damaged, so I am look...
New: Linhof Quickfix I Tripod Connector now comes with Spirit Level . One of the best Quick attach shoes now comes in improved version . Saw them at Fotografix Wongs' .
I have a Linhof 4X5 Technika Master I am trying to get additional information on(year made, value, etc) and am wondering if there is a reference site or person to contact. Many ...
Hello, maybe anybody knows this for sure, are Linhof Kardan E or RE banks are interchangeable with the telescopic rail of the Kardan GT.Thanks in advance,
Folks, does anybody know of, or have for sale, a good book on the Linhof Master Technika and earlier models? As a new owner, I'd like to learn much more about their develop...
In a moment of madness, I just bought a Linhof Kardan 8x10 with matching Linhof tripod. The camera is missing a couple of the adjustment knobs and one the cams on the the trip...
Is the bottom rail of a Linhof Master Kardan TL camera the same as the Acra standard? Can you mount the rail to a tripod with a quick release clamp that takes Acra rails, or is...
I have just purchansed a Chamonix 045F1 that uses Linhof lens boards. I had one Linhof board that has a hole that is off-center. What is the purpose of the offset hole and will ...
My Linhof Master 4x5 camera has a big anatomical strap. And I saw my friend Linhof 2000 has small hand strap. I'm not sure if I can purchase a small hand strap to replace the bi...
Hi guys, is it possible to buy a rodenstock or schneider or xxx lens and a lensplate from linhof and use it with your linhof techno? Selfmade! In other systems like ca...

29 days ago

See their website: Separate price lists, one for lenses, one for everything else. Effective 1 April 2018. Gives you an idea as to what's currently avai...

More than a month ago

Yet another of the cameras from the estate of my late chum Senggye: a 6x9cm/2x3 inch Linhof Super Technika III , once staggeringly valuable, now substantially junk. What would y...

More than a year ago

I've acquired a Linhof MT 2000 and wanted to find out if there is an official Linhof Service Center in the USA? Besides repairs, if ever needed, I'm also interested in the poss...
Hi, I am a Leica and Rollei user from Hong Kong. My main interest is landscape. Recently, I am planning to add a panoramic camera to my equipment. Linhof is my first choic...
On that big auction site, allegedly a Leitz-Linhof 'studio camera'.Or is it really a copy camera without the reflex housing and a Linhof back added?The big auction sit...
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