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More than a year ago

Just read that the newest 50 or 55mm lensbaby is available for Sony E mount and Samsung NX. Has anyone used one of these and are they worth getting?
Hi,Has anyone tried a Lensbaby Pro Composer on an NX, and if yes were the results good?I would love to see your results.
What do you guys think about the new lensbaby edge 80? Looks like a nice and less expensive way to play with tilt-shift. Link:
Has anyone tried using a Lensbaby with an adapter to on an EM-5. Mine is specifically a Canon mount that I use on my 7D. I don't see any reason that it will have problems, but i...
Just curious.  LensBaby doesn't currently sell its products in X-Mount.  Is anyone using them with a Nikon or Canon adapter?  If so, how do you like the results?  I have somethi...
What can you tell me about lensbaby??? The prices have a HUGE range and I can't figure out why. Plus the lens vary a lot...some are a bellows system, some rotate (tilt) while ...
If you're not interested in Lensbaby lenses skip this post If there's anyone left reading this, I know many of you will use adapters to mount your lensbaby on your XP1/XE1. I so...
Just spotted this sponsored post in my Facebook feed and sure enough, it's what I've been waiting to see!TIPS & TRICKS: Creative Apertures (Plus – Enter to Win!) | Len...
I got it for Christmas and only had a few minutes to paly with so much more to learn as it is a very different experience. Focusing takes some getting used to, for sure but over...
Item(s): 1)Lensbaby Composer Double Glass Optic Special Effects SLR Lens (Nikon F Mount) 2)Lensbaby Scout with Fisheye Optic (Nikon F Mount)Package incl...
Lensbaby has released the new fisheye specifically for micro 4/3 cameras.Their images, from the website, looks appealing including full frame instead of circular image.Does an...
so i saw this on petapixel this morning. ... the Velvet 56mm should be... interesting.
This photo was taken with my Nikon LENSBABY FISHEYE Optic on the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Fotasy AMNK Nikon Lens to M43 Micro Four Thirds M43 System Camera Adapter. Comments welcome.
I was just checking out the Lensbaby site today and am VERY interested in one! Does anyone have any experience with any of their products? I have a T3 and am mostly interested i...
Hi All,Does anybody use the Lensbaby system and what exactly is it used for? Can it be used with any DSLR?Any comments appreciated. Thanks!--Thanks,Daisy AU - Brisbanehttp...
Has anyone ever used a teleconverter with a LensBaby?  Is it worth experimenting with?-- hide signature --Ellis Vener Most photography is not rocket...
Hello,I got the lensbaby velvet set at 55mm and 1.8 maximum apereture in the d810 non cpu lenses, howeverNo matter what the d810 display the apereture as 1.8 all the time.Cam...
The Lensbaby 5.8mm f/3.5 circular fisheye, originally a design for DSLRs, is coming with a Micro Four Thirds mount. However, as the image circle is too large for the Four Thirds...
I use their 85mm from time to time and occasionally get an excellent result.I'm really pleased to see this lens being released in a native Fuji X mount. Great stuff.
It was fun, a lot of it. Would not be my everyday lens, but for some situations it's really a good thing to have.
It looks like a really fun lens with the huge FOV and ultra close focus. Did anyone get their hands on one yet. It appears the Canon version is available but Nikon not yet.
For $300 I may buy one. I can handle manual mode and would like to know how it photos on a FF and if it's a circular fisheye on a Canon crop?Thanks,Kent
I am new to DSLRs and have just purchased mine along with the 24-105mm lens. I had originally planned to also buy the 16-35mm lens and a Lensbaby, but now I'm considering buying...
I'd like to extend my manual lens collection with either a Lensbaby Composer Pro with three optics (Sweet 35, Edge 80 and Double Glass) or a Canon tilt-shift (TS) lens. The pric...
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