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More than a year ago

Hinew to the forum but here to ask a quick question, can you buy a zoom lens for the Kodak pixpro az421?thank you.
I'm shooting FF with Sony sensors, but is there a reason to shoot a Kodak? Not trolling, just curious. My initial thought is to not bother, but I wanted to get the consensus o...
I frequently check a government auction website for cameras, and it seems that there have been a few of these Kodak DCS 760s popping up. Are they worth picking up or are they ju...
I would really like to identify what Kodak Advantix my mother was holding in the following photo:Thank for the help, I really appreciate it.
I need to identify what camera model was my mom carrying on a trip to Orlando in 1998.  I think it was a Kodak advantix camera, but can anyone tell me the model number?   Thanks...
Greetings to all,,I have a Kodak Z885 that had been a very good camera but lately has started to really eat up batteries almost daily. I have resorted to removing the batteries ...
I downloaded an old Kodak CD of some slides they scanned. The images are listed but they are folders in the preview labeled "exec". They don't open as photos. Any ideas?
An old flower pic from the One of A Kind P880.-- hide signature --chiue -Nikon D5000 / Kodak Z990 P880 DX7590 Z915 DX6440 V803 M420 C190 C875 ZX3
Time for the Z915.-- hide signature --chiue -Nikon D5000 / Kodak Z990 P880 DX7590 Z915 DX6440 V803 M420 C190 C875 ZX3
A couple of pics from the DX7590.-- hide signature --chiue -Nikon D5000 / Kodak Z990 P880 DX7590 Z915 DX6440 V803 M420 C190 C875 ZX3
From C875.-- hide signature --chiue -Nikon D5000 / Kodak Z990 P880 DX7590 Z915 DX6440 V803 M420 C190 C875 ZX3
What's a good way to clean Kodak polycontrast filters? Is there a solvent that won't ruin the surface? I believe these are acetate.
Hi, Can anyone tell me the weight of the 8x10 Kodak Commercial view camera - this is the metal one that looks like a 2D I look around but have not found the weight spec. ...
Does anyone know if a vintage Kodak Standard Flash can be used without a camera? I am wanting the flash to actually flash, just for a prop not for taking a photo. thanks for the...
Will comments be here, or in the Kodak forum?  It should be interesting, to see if the BSI makes any difference.
HelloI have one c143 Kodak.I want to upload photos in it from my computer.Is it possible and how to make it?I have searched how to but i did not find.Thank you
Hello,I need to use our Kodak 6800 printer with Mac Os X.Any known drivers? or compatible printers?Thanks in advance,Ioannis
i like to retrieve deleted pictures on my m550 easyshare camara . thank you More about : ...
on July 8th I deleted my grandkids picture by mistake can you please retreive them and email them to me ...
I have a Kodak z1275 and I've noticed that lines are going across the view screen. Sometimes they move, other times they remain stationary. Has someone seen this before? If so, ...
He guys, I have a busted Kodak Medalist camera I really love the the looks of that 100mm 3.5 Ektar lens. does anyone know how you remove the shutter out of the tube? thanks.
Overcast afternoon and we caught a couple of folks kayaking along the Necanicum just a mile from our home. Only had my little Kodak with me at the time.-- hide signature -...
My girlfriend accidentally deleted all the pictures on my Kodak camera. I was going to upload them onto my computer but now I can't. Is there a way to re-view / upload them to m...
Most of Kodak camera pictures were deleted by my boy friend when viewing them with this camera. I just planed to upload them to my computer after the viewing. But, now, they wer...
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