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More than a year ago

Just arrived today. First trial through patio doors. On 70-300mm lens. Straight out of camera. Everything seems to work OK. Malcolm.
It softens it a bit, but I am happy with the extra flexibility.-- hide signature --=======God provides the image, I just press the shutter.
An alternative to non dedicated macro lenses, might be this combination.But I am not sure that will work in FF mode or just in crop mode?Does anybody know for sure?
Is a good macro lens better than a good lens with Kenko extension tubes? Of course, I'd like to save money by buying Kenko, but do not want to lose quality.
in both viewfinder and live view and in addition the autofocus is quite speedy.-- hide signature --John
Does the keno pro 300 1.4x teleconverter function on the 300 f4 afs lens?Is it the latest model?Is the nikon version superior?
I have one of these and I was wondering if I can use it with my D5000 and I am puzzled as to the meaning of TF. Has anyone on of these and could you give me an idea of whether...
Just got the TC the other day and took these in the backyard.  Not too bad for a $350 total investment.
I'm hesitant to splurge on a $90+ Marumi Achromatic +5 52mm close filter. There's a much cheaper Kenko (Hoya) alternative on Amazon . Anyone have hands-on with both?Thanks!
Whilst out shooting the other day i was chatting to a couple of guys about 1.4 converters and they let me try theirs and the kenko version actually was perfect as opposed to the...
I'm thinking of chopping in my Nikon 300mm f4 for the Sigma. I am finding the prime a little restrictive for me and I think I will be better off with a zoom.For the time bei...
Hi!I've been using Kenko 82mm Smart C-PL for a month now. One of my friends asked me how much I paid for it. I told him that I paid around $100 and he said that's double the pr...
I have a Canon 70D and just acquired the Tamron AF SP 70-300mmf/4-5.6 Di VC USDIs the Kenko converter compatible with this Tamron Lens? Will it Auto focus?I reside on the Alga...
Hey, So I have been looking at getting more filters lately and I have one really big question. Is the Hoya and Kenko Orange (G) filter the same as Tiffen and Wratten orange (2...
I have just picked up a Kenko M-AF 1.4x Teleplus teleconverter on eBay to use with my A33. Now it doesn't seem to work at all with the Tamron 70-300 f4.5-5.6.  I was half expect...
I had Kenko SHQ 1.5x converter, but when I used it with EF 70-200 f/4L IS USM, the AF on my 5D Mk III during focusing fluttered. Have you any experience with EF 70-200 f/4L IS U...
I was looking at the Kenko Pro 300 AF DGX 2.0X teleconverter for Nikon. I am using a D3200 with a AF-S Nikkor 55-300mm 1:4.5-5.6 G ED lens. Would this be compatible. THe Kenko w...
Unfortunately manual focus-- hide signature @N07/]
I've read that the Kenko will hit the glass when used on a Canon 70-300L but I tried mine last night and it fit fine. The image quality of the lens dropped quite a bit but the l...
They advertise themselves as the ecommerce outlet for Kenko Tokina Slik etc. I'm interested in one of their refurbished Tokina lenses. Thanks.
They advertise themselves as the ecommerce outlet for Kenko Tokina Slik etc.  I'm interested in one of their refurbished Tokina lenses.  Thanks.
Item(s): Kenko CPL Filter 77mPackage includes: Kenko CPL Filter 77mPrice: rm100Warranty: NADealing method: CODLocation: Setapak / SerdangContact method/details: PM-...
Hello, I have a friend of mine that is in the market for extension tubes. He is planing of using them with multiple lenses including a Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro classic. ...
I can't find a proper manufacture page for the Triplus? all I found was one shop in Australia sells them as glanz triplusHave ordered some today from eBay listing said ...
As the subject asks: Have you guys done any comparisons between the Kenko DGX 2x Vs Canon 2x Extender iii? I have heard a few guys sing about the Kenkos, especially th...
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