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More than a year ago

I couldn't find a lens sample thread for Kenko tubes. Would be great if someone with Kenko would post some examples. I have a 135L and am considering to buy a Kenko for macro sh...
Has anyone ever use the Kenko tubes on a Nikor 105mm macro lens to photograph 35mm slides. I'm using a Nikon D90 camera and have used the 105 to photograph slides but can't get...
Has any one tried if 1.4 Kenko TC with the Nikon 200-500? Will it work and how much IQ is lost?Regards..-- hide signature --'If you're gonna shoot, shoot! Don't talk...'http...
I do not know whether any member has bought the new Kenko convertor for their EF-S zoom lenses and their views on it. I am aware that Robert had tested it on Canon prime lenses.
My 200-500 5.6 arrives tomorrow and Kenko 1.4 PRO 300 Teleconverter DGX arrives on Friday. Has anyone tried this combination. Camera is a D7100.-- hide signature --Mark O
I saw some Kenko "Action" series filters (cpl) on Event Camera's website but I dont see those on the . Are those discontinued or maybe not for usa market ...
Hi,Ive seen some UV filters with brand names of KENKO and VITACON. The Vitacon has made in japan printed on it and looks more excellently finished. The Kenko well, says just ken...
My 60mm f/2.8 D AF will not autofocus any longer with the Kenko extension tubes. Lens will autofocus without the tube.I have tried the tubes with other lens and no issue.Ca...
Due to the price difference between the two would like opinions regarding the Kenko Teleconverter performance . Would it be on a par with the Canon Tele converter. Want atad mo...
What is a good economic Macro Rail for 100mm USM 2.8 with Kenko Tubes?
I have a Kenko PRO1D Wide Band CPL polarizer and I have trouble cleaning the front of the filter. Can anyone suggest an easy and safe method to clean this filter? I don't want t...
I am new here, but wondering if this Kenko MC7 is compatible and works with my Sony Alpha 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 lens. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
Kind of a bright day but couldn't wait to try the 10mm.These are all with the Kenko 10mm, Lumix 45-200, and EM-1. There is no PP to any of the images. Not even cropping. ...
anybody know if a kenko 1.4x c-af teleplus pro 300 teleconvertor work on a sigma 105mm f/2.8 ex dg macro os lens please  
Hey guys, im interested in the macro extension set from kenko. The problem is i cant find it in local stores here in switzerland, and amazon doesnt deliver that item to switzerl...
I bought the Kenko doubler. Despite the opinions that I had, the autofocus is not working.Do you have similar experiences?Thank you!-- hide signature --ThanksMichel
Hi all,I'm looking for a decent 72mm UV filter for the K30+Sigma 17-70 combo I've just orderd for my Dad.Looking at either Hoya and Kenko brands due to price and that I've use...
Anyone happy with the results of this teleconverter? it is the 1.4 Kenko. tried it on a sony 70-300g and a tamron 200-500. Automatic focus still works. What teleconverters do...
I would like to know from the members who have the Kenko convertor whether one should switch off the IS on the lens or is it OK to leave it on.I have noticed a slight blur in th...
I am being a bit thick today. When the instructions say, "AF function may not work properly if the integral aperture of the lens used with Kenko TELEPLUS DGX is more than F5.6."...
Looking to purchase a Kenko Teleconvertor shortly , but confused with different reviews on which is best, the Kenko Teleplus DG Pro 300 1.4X or the Kenko TelePlus MC4 AF 1.4X ...
I have a Kenko Technical Holder, unused for years, with a 77mm screw-in mount. I want to start using it with graduated neutral density filters and wonder whether current plasti...
So we had several threads on these tubes and from user reports, it seems that the 2 tubes did not stack with the Panasonic Leica 45mm. This incompatibility is even listed on the...
I have the Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM UD lens which I love. The Canon 2x III did not work with it so I took that in for consignment sale and want to replace it with a 2x ...
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