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More than a year ago

Selling my Canon G9 + Ikelite set HERE . Please refer to proper link above. Thanks!
Hi all,I'll be doing a Foundation Degree in Photography come September and was wondering if the Canon 600D or the upcoming Canon 700D is the better camera? Also; should ...
Hi, Any Recommendation on which model to get? I'm looking at Canon 5D Mark III or Canon 6D. Hope to get feedbacks from you guys to help me make a decision on which mode...
Canon 7D is a fantastic and a very solid camera..its now few years old and canon gave us a great firmware which made the camera even better.rumors are that canon will not relea...
Does it make any difference as far as functionality with the Canon 100mm IS macro lens if I use a Canon extension tube or a set of Kenko tubes along with the Canon Ring flash? I...
BodiesCanon 500D (T1i)Canon 7DCanon 5DcLensesCanon 100mm macro (classic)Canon 100mm macro L isCanon MP-E 65mmWhich lens for each bodyNOTE: I'm not as...
Hi, just thinking about the possibility of buying a 7D for action shots of my dogs, but I'm also wondering what advantages it would bring to my landscape work compared to the 55...
Just purchased a Canon 28 1.8 and so far, so good. I checked a couple sites and the Lens case LP814 and Hood EW-63ii are backordered on many sites (BHPhoto for one). A...
I'd like to get a flash for my canon 650d, and have looked at second hand canon 430ex units. They are quite expensive, so can anyone recommend something under £100 pounds, with ...
I am planning to buy a used canon 50D. I don't know if it is worth to get a used 50D over the new 60D? Any comment between both cameras is appreciated. I am currently using a...
Heyall About to head out and get the Canon G1X as a high resolution + low light compact to go alongside my trusty FZ200. So looking forward to it! Just a bit trepidational about...
Can't seem to decided between the two. *Used* Canon 35mm 1.4L or 2x Canon speedlite 600ex-rt? I could use another fast glass, but then again I do a lot of OFC ligh...
I'm going to take a new camera worth around $2000. What advise to take? Canon D5 Mark II (old good and stable) or Canon D6 (newer but +$200)?
My canon eos 1ds mk ll needs a new shutter and sensor according to canon. Is it worth spending $1000.00 to fix it? Thanks.
Looking at getting a battery grip for my 40d, but wanted to know do i get a Canon one, or a after market jobby for half the price? I would normally buy a canon one, but are ...
Hi I have always been a canon person my first camera was a canon.I then purchased the canon S5 IS but feel I have outgrown that one and would like to upgrade to a entry level SL...
Canon's official announcement was January 7, 2013. How long does it typically take between Canon's announcements of such cameras and availability in stores and on line?
Maybe it is just marketing (white lenses, red rings, potn , etc) but it seems to me Canon glass is overall better than Nikon. But which Nikon lens either has no Canon parallel;...
I'm about to upgrade my canon 5dmk3 I have several L lenses and couple of third party also a few canon flashes.was thinking of the Nikon d810 and a couple of there zoom lenses...
Im a beginner video maker. I want to buy new camera for making video. Canon EOS M3 or Canon EOS 700d ? Which one is better ? Thank you.
Hi, I am confusing in purchasing a camera and few lenses. I see Canon 1D Mark III is to much expensive but it has low rates than Canon 7d. Camera result of 1D is less than 7D.P...
Well, Canon Marketing Malaysia is now on Facebook. Yes, it is official one. The reason as given is to connect closely to the Canon owners and people throughout Malaysia for...
What is the best Canon Powershot for night pictures or wide angle for more light whether the ELPH series or the SX series?
I am on the verge of buying an SX50 refurbished from Canon.  It would replace my SX10.  Any advice, warnings, etc. before I push the buy button?Thanks.  Tricia
Rumors sayed that finally Canon is going to release a new 50mm!!!!Which do you think will be? 1.8 or 1.4 IS
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