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More than a year ago

Anyone know if i will be able to use my Canon Speedlight transmitter and Canon 600RTs - at least in manual mode, with the X-T1?
I have an A55, but I am thinking about buying a Canon or Nikon as well, please tell me why you left Sony and chose Canon.Thanks
First, I own and use Canon.I'm looking at that Fuji X-T1.Who is adding Fuji to their Canon kit? If you are, tell me why?
Do you think, that the camera Canon eos 20D is still good to be acquired for all purposes photography ? what alternative (to be from Canon) if otherwise ? Thanks
Any news about Canon fall lens rebates?  Typically Canon starts a rebate program at the end of September.
I want to recplace my Canon 550D, i have read some good reviews of the Canon 70D. Would this be a good choice? Does anyone have some experience with the 70D?
What could it possibly mean?
Not too shabby Cheers
I have been told that in December and July canon employees are entitled to a 50% discount on canon merchandise. Is this true?
Hello! I was curious as to which canon camera is considered " best " there are so many out there when I browse the different cameras. I've never owned a canon so all opinions we...
I think I know the answer to this question, but will someone confirm my understanding? Do Canon EF lenses work with any Canon DSLR?
Which Printer Epson or Canon - My Epson R3000 is nearly dead, Should I go for the same again or should I go for the Canon Pixma Pro 1. I love to see my photographs printed !!
This is one of the reasons that I like Canon.  The 650D and the 15 85 IS USM combination gives a colour saturation that I like.TonyThanks Canon!
I have found a few sites that have Canon forums and marketplaces mixed in with other brands, like Fred Miranda, but is there a 'main' Canon community somewhere?
At last some good offers for the UK market !
Which Canon camera is the ultimate before going full frame?I dont want a full frame, but one thats one under so to speak  
Which one you think is the best tutorial for Canon 70D ? Is it worth spending some $$ on KelbyOne's Video ?
I'm not sure what to get a gopro hero 4 or a canon s120? I will be using them for general purposes. Many Thanks
Just wondered if anyone has the Canon SX710 and if so what are your thoughts as i was tempted last Saturday while browsing in PC world.  
Can anyone suggest a decent purveyor of ink for a Canon Pixma printer....?It seems to be getting sooooooo expensive.Dougie.  
what camera is best More about : camera sony canon
I was given a canon 550D as a birthday from the SCC, I was curious how to set the camera to shoot continuous, can anyone help me? Thank you
I'm thinking of making a move...from Olympus e3 to Canon 7D.... I wanted to get some feedback. Thanks!!!! Lisa
Hi,Do you have any rough ideas when will be the next canon cashback promotions for lenses in UK?Thanks
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