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It’s another helpful, and short (less than 60-seconds) video tip from Benjamin Warde on this Lightroom Coffee Break Tuesday.Pretty handy (as always). Thanks, Benjamin. Hav...
5 Reasons 40mm is the Best Focal Length
I am having problems getting snap to grid to work when creating vector paths.I have attached a screen dump that shows the problem. For the test image, I created a ca...
I have Piaxpro softboxes which came with this set Was a pain to assemble, no...
Now as some of you may be aware, I don't take a lot of bird photo's, especially bif. My nephew has decided to take up photography, as "Uncle" is always busy or out at weekends...

2 days ago

I was just wondering if anyone would have any suggestions on decent film scanners on a budget? Preferably under $500 (CAD) the lower the better. For right now I do the super bud...
Looks interesting. First deliveries in April.  
Can anyone recommend a kit for spotting B&W prints? I haven't a clue what to buy!I mostly print on Ilford Multigrade Warm tone fibre, but it would be great if I could use th...
Just posted a brief video showing California Lizardfish feeding on Grunion off La Jolla Shores in San Diego, CA. Shot with a Panasonic GH5, Keldan Luna 4 Video Lights and a Pa...
Hi again,I'm still tyre kicking wide lenses fo 8x10". I'd still prefer a 210mm lens with good room for movements (I'm looking at Fuji W, Graphic-Kowa and Computar f9 options...
I am looking at the Tamron G2 24-70mm ($1200), the Nikon 24-70mm (with and without VR ($1800, $2300)) and the Sigma Art 24-70mm ($1300) currently.All the reviews seem mixed ...
Seems like old school photography has died. I do realize we should go in step with time and technology, but occasionally you have to implement that saying: "Learn about the hist...
Storage size is one of the first considerations, but it shouldn't be the only spec to care about because the rest of the symbols on your card dictate its overall performance....
I have a series of black and white negatives with lots of spots. They are 120, the brand is Lucky and I think it's a defect of the negatives themselves: poor conservation, past ...
Item(s):Canon 80DCanon 10-18mm IS STM LensEF50mm f/1.8 STMPackage includes:Rode Videomic ProSandisk 32GB Extreme ProCanon Connect Station CS100Canon RL AV-MB01 Messen...
Item(s): Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 Canon mount.Package includes: Complete set1. Lens2. Front and Rear Cap3. Hood4. BoxPrice: RM950Warranty: NONEDealing method: Prefer COD...
Hi looking for Sigma 30mm f1.4 Art lens for canon dslr to buy urgently..must in good condition and less scratchess...can PM or whatapp me at 010-5485488...tq
Item(s):Olympus 45mm f1.8 M. Zuiko Package includes:Lens Only Price:RM600 FIRM (!!!NOTICE!!!: Sellers are required to display the exact selling prices of their products. F...
Item(s):Olympus 17mm f1.8 M. Zuiko 1:18 Package includes:Lens and Lens Cover only Price:RM1000 FIRM (!!!NOTICE!!!: Sellers are required to display the exact selling prices...
Item(s): Sony FE 24-70mm GM (G Master)Package includes: Full original box, lens pouch, lens hood, caps all included Price: RM7500 Warranty: expired Dealing method: cas...
I have been reading Guy Tal's "The landscape Photographer's - guide to Photoshop" as well as his other book with great pleasure. On the former I have been learning and learni...
With Windows, if you ... have to be cognizant of the 1G memory and cpu ...1GB of RAM? -hh
I am trying to export my photos to limit the size to 6mb for my web page. In Lightroom it gives me the option to limit the size by"k". Does this mean KB?  
I need to resize my photos to 36mb. I only have access to lightroom at the moment. How do I do this?  
i have a few photos of one of my models vaping on a white wall and i need help with how to bring out the smoke more.please help  
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