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Storage size is one of the first considerations, but it shouldn't be the only spec to care about because the rest of the symbols on your card dictate its overall performance....
I have a series of black and white negatives with lots of spots. They are 120, the brand is Lucky and I think it's a defect of the negatives themselves: poor conservation, past ...
Item(s):Canon 80DCanon 10-18mm IS STM LensEF50mm f/1.8 STMPackage includes:Rode Videomic ProSandisk 32GB Extreme ProCanon Connect Station CS100Canon RL AV-MB01 Messen...
Item(s): Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 Canon mount.Package includes: Complete set1. Lens2. Front and Rear Cap3. Hood4. BoxPrice: RM950Warranty: NONEDealing method: Prefer COD...
Hi looking for Sigma 30mm f1.4 Art lens for canon dslr to buy urgently..must in good condition and less scratchess...can PM or whatapp me at 010-5485488...tq
Item(s):Olympus 45mm f1.8 M. Zuiko Package includes:Lens Only Price:RM600 FIRM (!!!NOTICE!!!: Sellers are required to display the exact selling prices of their products. F...
Item(s):Olympus 17mm f1.8 M. Zuiko 1:18 Package includes:Lens and Lens Cover only Price:RM1000 FIRM (!!!NOTICE!!!: Sellers are required to display the exact selling prices...
Item(s): Sony FE 24-70mm GM (G Master)Package includes: Full original box, lens pouch, lens hood, caps all included Price: RM7500 Warranty: expired Dealing method: cas...
I have been reading Guy Tal's "The landscape Photographer's - guide to Photoshop" as well as his other book with great pleasure. On the former I have been learning and learni...
With Windows, if you ... have to be cognizant of the 1G memory and cpu ...1GB of RAM? -hh
I am trying to export my photos to limit the size to 6mb for my web page. In Lightroom it gives me the option to limit the size by"k". Does this mean KB?  
I need to resize my photos to 36mb. I only have access to lightroom at the moment. How do I do this?  
i have a few photos of one of my models vaping on a white wall and i need help with how to bring out the smoke more.please help  
I'm designing individual 14mm circles that will be repeated on to one page (40 circles on one sheet so I can cut each one out individually) but I'm stuck at what to start my ima...
Hi, saw this photo online and was wondering how the photographer achieved the warm effect with the soft red and yellow lighting either side? Any advice would be good thanks....
Hey all - total video virgin here but got the urge to have a mess about and see what I can come up with. I wanted to shoot 60 fps on my 6D but I'm only getting the option fo...
We’re looking to make a short clip filmed from the back of a fridge. Some movement up and down shelves would be great so I’m thinking we get an old one being recycled and take ...
i'm looking for some Ettl flash triggers that are compatible with the canon 1dx mk2 and various canon mk1/mk2 ex speed lights i have some of the older pixel king flash trigger...
I have just posted the Wetpixel review of the Inon Z330, Retra Flash and Symbiosis SS2 strobes on the front page:   If you are just com...
I have recently decided to publish a monthly highlights package of the diving around my local dive sites at Nelson Bay in NSW. Here are the first two installments:- December...
At the Camera Collectors web site is an advertisement for a "Leitz VIDEO Torpedo Finder". Anyone know what it is? href="
Zeiss Conquest DL 3-12x50 #6 Reticle Riflescope reduced to only $699.99 while supply lasts We just got access to some of these great scopes that were $1199.99 and we are b...
Given the absence of Elves, Photis and The Management I hereby present the BSNPOTW for discussion and debate. Feast your eyes on all its lovelinessFrom Pocket Beach  
So I've had a bad print which prompted a nozzle check which looks like this...What I'm thinking is that the Light Black (posn 5) was blocked until the check, then it cle...
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