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I have a Wollensak 12 in "multi focal lens, barrel with iris, great big brass lens, in good shape iris marked in even numbers 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 11.7EX. I was going to...
I keep mulling the idea of getting a Plustek scanner, but I have a concern. One of the main issues I have with my flatbed is that its negative holder doesn't handle bowed neg...


Proof is in the pudding! Had some time to play around some. Move the straps around some.  

3 days ago

just to give some thanks back, a few toys.for a new home to go in one hit, and if you don't want any of them feel free to sell/or pass on.
Davoud: Adobe Photography Plan: Lightroom and Photoshop @ $9.99 per month. Capture One @ $15 per month. If, and only if, you have experience with both packages, do y...

6 days ago

Having just installed Update #4, I'm now re-doing the focus trim for all my lenses. I'd be interested in any views on the focal length I should use for the SK40-80 zoom. One ...

7 days ago

I'd really like to make the full switch from Lightroom to Capture One but would seriously miss using my Behringer BCF2000 as a controller. Has anyone come across any similar...

8 days ago

So never dipping my toe in the Tech camera waters, I am unsure of the versatility of this combination. I understand lens choice has an effect of this as well but am curious do...
I'm looking to buy ONE flash that will last me through learning and then some. Which of these flashes offers me more of a value as far as features and such? My Uncle told me I s...

11 days ago

I thought some of you might like to see a very small bellows camera and I have a few questions if anyone has some ideas. Anyhow, it is a Voigtlander Bergheil. The entire camera ...
Hi there, Both of these DB's are very expensive for many to afford both. So, if any of you happen to have both, could you please upload raw samples from the same (exact) sce...

14 days ago

I have a newborn session scheduled for this Sunday at 9 am. Just got a request for another newborn the same day. Anybody ever do two newborns in one day? Would you recommen...
As the title says has anyone tried one? I'm considering one for hols instead of my gorrilapod to hold my Olympus EM1 with 12-40mm f2.8 as it looks a lot smaller and lighter to c...

15 days ago

Hi guys, very new here. In this screenshot i'm basically trying to make the hands fade, as they are (done using layer mask and gradient tool), but then having the mask apply ...
But where the heck is it? I can't find the website, anyone know where it is? ...7686869693826/] It's a Beaeater one :)

17 days ago

I am thinking about having a dabble with one of these two. For the price not lost a lot if no good. Anyone else got / used any of them. Wide Angle/Macro Conversion L...

18 days ago

Hi there I've currently got a 5DIII with 50 f1.8, 70-200L f2.8 IS II, and 24-70L f2.8 lens. I use the system for both video and camera just as an amateur. I use Magic Lantern f...

20 days ago

When you select a color with the color picker, it showed you the color you have selected. If you check view selected color range, everything not in that range in the image is su...

22 days ago

I was recently strongly encouraged to download Capture One since it was free to use with my aptus 22 digital back. The download went smoothly. I loaded up the software and sta...

26 days ago

I updated the firmware to feature #4 today, ran the new focus calibration which ended up at the same setting I had previously for the 80mm blue ring lens. It feels as if the aut...

27 days ago

Hi All I'm on the lookout for some decent filters. Been looking at the LEE 100mm system but need some ideas on what they're like. LEE, Nisi etc. Which one? Currently u...

29 days ago

Now that Phase One seems to have established three variations of there 100 Mpx Sensor, (IQ3 100, Achromatic, and now Trichromatic) i wonder how they will handle future upgrad...

More than a month ago

Hey guys. I decided to do some digital paintings and I started with this study of a cat photo that I found on Pixabay (Smaller version) I only have about six hours ...
Anybody with a new 27" 2017 iMac, running Capture One Pro 10.x.x, willing to share their experiences.  
Hi guys, Just to saythat there is a bug in the lens correction tool in the last version of capture one ... if like me, you really need this tool, just stay on the version 10.1 ...
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