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6 days ago

Catalogs with 1/2 million files freeze my late 2013 MacPro. One has to reboot to defeat the ball of death! Here's the big problem: That last Media Pro catalog, always reappears...

9 days ago

Hello Gurus, I have a "chore" to do. I am not even sure of the correct terminology for this so it is hard to search. In short, I have two pictures of my daughter and her fri...

11 days ago

Does black-and-white suit certain subjects better than others? Or vice-versa? I have a few ideas but would just like to get some other perspectives on this.  
The view from the hot tubs at Benton Hot Springs. Casio point and shoot, zoom balanced on the edge of the hot tub. Please let me know what you think.  

14 days ago

Hi, About ten days ago I purchased Capture One Pro 10. (I have been a Lightroom CC user last four years). I seem to get a bit of a problem. I shoot Nikon D800, RAW 14 bit los...
Today's mail included a lovely little package for me. It's a Ricoh Five One Nine, a rangefinder camera I had never heard of until I saw it for sale online. I was intrigued by th...

15 days ago

After the recent death of my mother in law, we found black & white photographs of various ancestors going back over 100 years, I am scanning the photographs, tidying them up in...

19 days ago

Thinking back on the first slr camera i bought the om10 by olympus bought one in 1979,i see you can still pic these up on ebay,think ill look for one for the shelf.  

21 days ago

I have now 2 of the new Seacam Seaflash 60 D with S6 and TTL for anikon and want to connect them to my Nauticam D800 housind for the Nikon D800....but thehousing has only one M1...
I have seen some of the discussions on this. So what you actually prefer between DSLR and Mirrorless Camera?

22 days ago

My first post here, and I have a question: I've just acquired a secondhand P45 (non plus) back, and I have neither the cap nor the cover for the LCD. Is it still possible to get...

More than a month ago

I wanted a Nikon FA bad when I was in high school. Of course never could afford one then. Well 33 years later I finally have one coming. Very good looking chrome Nikon FA wit...
I've been looking into a laser and sound trigger for the XF. Any issues or experience with using the Miops combined with the XF? Thanks
So my local lab was throwing some stuff away.... Im waiting on them to see if they can find the power supplies for the saunders units so they are untested as of n...
I've been asked to shoot a full dress rehearsal at my wife's dance company's bi-annual dance show at the RNCM on Thursday and they have agreed to pay for a lens hire for me. I'v...
Its me again, my Daughter and I both use Canon 350d's Well one of our Canon 350d'S has packed up, its showing Err99 whilst on holiday Luckily we had two with us so no images m...
On 16/07/2017 12:20 @wiz, RichA wrote: Though a rattler strike is many times as fast (though not as deadly) as this thing's. ...
Hey all, I started off looking for a horizontal arm attachment to go with my 055XB. But in the course of looking saw the 055xPRO3 which has the centre column able to do horizon...
I could have sworn there was a thread for this but the search found nothing. The first (easter egg packed) picture has been released So, the Canon TSE 24 is better than the Rodenstock HR40 isn´t this some sort of .. blasphemy??
The Moto Z2 Play is a mainstream device with an almost identical main camera to that of Samsung's Galaxy S8. Coupled with its bigger battery, can the Z2 Play be the sleeper hit ...
I have one of these backs, which I'm using on a Hasselblad 500CM, but sometimes I find that the auto colour temperature setting it uses, isn't as it should be, in comparison to ...
No One Would Buy My Photos, So Here They Are For Free  
I need to just order one in lustre - normally use DScolour labs but the P&P will be terrible. Any other suggestions?  
Yes, the old hypothetical rears its head yet again! Well, I have a couple of weak tie-ins this time: it's almost the 4th of July and Americans will be in full revelry mode, goin...
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