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One of my friends has given up newborn photography and has an abundance of studio kit, so I asked her how much she wanted for the lot and it was very reasonable - so my studio i...

2 days ago

A friend went to see her mum and she was having a clear out. This camera was about to be disposed off but given my recent love for film, I was offered it first!! Practika MTL...

4 days ago

Hello forum. I've heard that 250mm Lens for Hasselblad V-series is mediocre: never achieves impressive image. I wonder if anyone tested below and if there any 'lesser of a...

9 days ago

I searched in the forum and didn't find an answer. Is anyone using that combination? Can you confirm if it vignettes with the 35mm LS? Thanks.

11 days ago

I will be having a show in Vancouver at Harrison Galleries with 35 large scale prints for sale opening on April 5th. As well, on April 6th I will be doing a Phase One Artist tal...

14 days ago

Investment Analysis And Portfolio Management With Thomson One Business School Edition And Stock Trak Coupon 010th Edition by Reilly, Frank K. (Frank K. Textbook PDF Download arc...

15 days ago

Hi all - I'm a longtime Lightroom user, working with Capture One Pro to check it out. I'm working with the color picker and in tutorials I see that they are usually selecting ...

16 days ago

Using a Sony NEX camera as a digital back on a Nikon FE. ==> Using a Sony NEX as a digital back for a Nikon FE film SLR camera | Nikon Rumors  

18 days ago

Saw this gizmo. Trying to work out if it's useful or just a solution trying to find a problem!  

19 days ago

I'm looking to get a peak design sling strap that would be suitable for my Nikon D750 and Fujifilm X-T1. There seem to be a few choices but what is the difference between them, ...

20 days ago

One or two bodies for street? (Screwmount) I recently bought another SM body for street work after considering for a while, but I'm still not sure if it's needed! I have 4 lense...
I use a manfrotto O55 with 410 geared head and keep it in padded 80cm bag! It's great tripod but is a lot to lug up hill and down dale! Which smaller tripod should I try? Meph...

21 days ago

I tried the one camera and one lens theme during the Civil War Reenactment in Vista, California today. I used my 7D Mark-2 camera and my 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II lens. I...

22 days ago

Should I buy one more body for street? (Ltm) I currently have 1 body l (leica iii) and 3 lenses. Should I buy one more? I'm currently looking at the IF, pairing that with my voi...

23 days ago

Hey guys, I have enjoyed reading your posts for some time but this is my first post. Been wanting to get into medium format for some time. I miss the look I would get from my ...
Fundamentals Of Financial Management Concise Edition With Thomson One Business School Edition 6 Month Printed Access Card 8th Edition by Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Textbook .PDF...
Physics 9e Volume One Chapters 1 17 Volume Oneth Edition by John D. Cutnell, Kenneth W. Textbook .PDF Download archived file. Take file here:

25 days ago

Which portrait lens would you get? A Wollensak Verito 9" f4.5 or a Velostigmat 9 1/2" f4.5? I shoot mostly 5x7 but somtimes 4x5. Thanks J

26 days ago

Hey there, for a customized viewfinder project for my phase one xf, i´m looking for an phase one waist level finder base. just the base, without the flipping loupe etc. m...

27 days ago

I can probably already guess the consensus answer to this but just wanted to ask for any thoughts. About 5 years ago, i purchased a Minolta XD7 with Sigma 28-75 and a 70-210 MD ...
As you may know, in a recent post I expressed my difficult situation being a long time user of Capture One and waiting for the Hasselblad X1D to arrive. I said that although ...

28 days ago

I recently got a used Tamron 28-75 off ebay, it focuses fine at 28mm, but the further I zoom in the more it misses by. And by 75mm it is back focusing by a huge amount, more tha...

More than a month ago

I have posted on the Phase One forum this very same topic Capture One 10 & Hasselblad DNG: Controversy and Solution As you can see there is abslolutely nothing offensive, ...
Hi, thinking of getting one of these to help with lower viewpoint photos, eg our dog on the beach, flowers, little creatures etc - as my knees are old & stiff..Does anyone ha...
CZJ Flektogon 20/4 is an ultra wide angle lens for Exakta Varex. Selling for under $300, while a Leica Elmart R19 ver II is fetching about $4000, even version I is about $1300. ...
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Yi 4K+ 2160p60 (4K 60p) Action camera
Yi 4K+ 2160p60 (4K 60p) Action camera
Yi 4K+ 2160p60 (4K 60p) Action camera


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