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Item(s): Pentax DA21mm F3.2 Package includes: box, pouch, caps, lens hood Price: RM1500 Warranty: - Dealing method: COD Location: Contact method/details: 0129349165 --- I...

5 days ago

Hi All. Things have gotten a bit too busy for me so I really haven't gotten around to starting any threads. Anyway, I did head down to Texas last week and here's one of my b...
Hi all, I've recently had some problems with a 45-85mm FA lens that I just purchased off of ebay to be used with my Pentax 645n. I was doing a test with Portra 400, my penta...
Shot at Torrey Pines Gliderport in LaJolla. CA. The wind has to be just right or you end up like this. Not what you want when you step off a 200-0 cliff. Shot with K5-iis usin...

6 days ago

I managed to come across my mom's Pentax MG a few days ago. I've always been interested in shooting film so I picked up some low-end film and batteries today. The camera batteri...

9 days ago

So went to Georgia this week to take care of some "bizness" and along the way stopped to shoot a few more family members. I like the way the headshots turned out. I can see the ...

12 days ago

I've got a Rikenon 50mm f/2 K mount lens that I'd like to put to use at some point. Other than Pentax & Ricoh, which other camera can I use it on (and any you'd recommend)? Then...

13 days ago

Apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum but I thought this might be of interest to the MF users as well. I've been thinking for a while about how the P645 DA 28-45mm zoom...

17 days ago

just found this cool tutorial to share, you need hss supported transmitter and manually hss supported flash
The following items are for sale: 1. Pentax 645z CMOS medium format camera with 55mm SMC F2.8 lens (used 9/10 with box) Price : RM22500 2. Pentax 28-45mm HD lens (warranty sti...

18 days ago

Since this is another wide angle option for K-mount (supposed at a good price), it should be of interest to some here.

21 days ago

Thank you Ben and Bernard have taken the lead for this outing. Good to see many Dinosaurs have not extincted yet with all type of Pentax film cameras (even one Pen without Tax a...

24 days ago

On December 20, 2016, this baby orangutan was born. This picture of the baby with her mother, Sophia, was captured yesterday at the Brookfield Zoo. Nikon D800, Nikon 300 2...

26 days ago

Hi, I decided to try my hand at Medium format and I know I didn't start with the easiest of cameras but I got hold of a Pentax MLU 67 and decided to give it a go. In my naivety ...

More than a month ago

I am a landscape/fine-art photographer that is about to purchase my first digital camera. I've been shooting with a Pentax 67 (and Wista 4x5) for years and plan to continue to u...
Well.. always like this time of the year. So much rumors of new prime lenses for Pentax.. One is the DFA*50mm F1.4 - under development.
I've been a Pentax addict for over 40 years, my biggest beef with them over the last few models has been their cryptic instruction manuals, that do little to explain the feature...
Poster 1: Pentax archives - Poster 2: Pentax SLR cameras 1952-2017
Hi, Some members of our sub group "Photo Guru" are going for Sunrise & Film shoot next Saturday morning, Mar 4, 2017. Place & Time to be decide later. It'll be fun s...
At last a new lens for Pentax FF. A bit boring focal lengths (for me), but it is a start. Looks like a high quality lens; therefore big! Ricoh is developing a new Pentax D F...
I am speculating on different NOn Pentax Glass for the D. And Which adaptor will I need for these Hassy or Contax or ??? Lenses Mainly Prime lenses. Thanks
Okay all, the Luddite is back in action. I haven't figured out everything here yet (even how to set the URL for my own images!). It will come in time. Meantime a few images from...
Imaging Resource has put their first series of test images on their "comparometer" (compare images). These are shots of their still life image at various ISO settings. I compare...
So recently this add has been popping up on the Pentax site. Basically a full manual k mount lens, that looks interesting. $599 (metal version) full weather sealed, f/2.4. Can't...
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