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German photographer L.Fritz Gruber compiled a book with 120 photos of famous faces. He used his Minox as miniature notebook to copy photos of famous people photos from mu...

3 days ago

Bernard Shaw Betrand Russel Brigitte Bardot  

17 days ago

German photography L. Fritz Gruber took several thousand portraits with Minox subminiature camera, one of these is a 1960 portrait of Albert Einstein. See Der Minox Fr...
Minox made EC,EC Club edition, ECX , MX and TLX until 2003 After 2003, no new Minox 8x11 camera was made.  

19 days ago

ALBUM DI FAMIGLIA - Cut and Paste your Past  
If you accidentally double click on blurb webpage purchase button, and has a double pay, blurb refuse to refund the accidental purchase.  
Google Translate  

20 days ago

Minox Spy Camera by James Feng Once upon a time a techical miracle The top choice equipment of KGB Important equipment of 007 Published by Police Academy Press 191...
A photoessay in Spanish by German Minox photographer Sabine Korth, publish by University of Salamanca in Spain. A portfolio of 31 Minox photographs from 5x7" to 3x4...
Sabine Korth - Artista | MyHomeGallery  

24 days ago

We have an amazing opportunity for you today: Minox 2-10x50 ZE 5i Riflescope (Illuminated #4) #66564 - Reduced from $1550.00 to only $999.99 Illuminated #4 Reticle, Seco...

29 days ago

Dr Gunther Busch: Edelstein Korfu Fotostudien auf der Insel im Ioinischen Meer Photo album of 60 5x7 B&W prints all taken with Minox subminiature camera Yellow Gr...

More than a month ago

Minox Riga - Riga Minox - VEF Minox Riga - Fan Website  
The Minox: A Closer Look at Every Spy’s Favorite Camera  
Using photonet search for "Jimmy LI" returns nothing-- almost useless Google search "Jimmy Li" returns two postings.  
When handling black LX, you must wear gloves, otherwise you may left hard to remove grease marks on the porous suface of black LX  
Dont buy Minox 8x11 battery power pack from ebay, it is a rip off at 26.95 EUR Minox Power Pack 8x11 Batterieadapter | Minox 69108 | incl. Batterien | eBay dagcam...
Minox Processing Lab, (MPL for short) is imprtant in Minox history in USA, MPL webpage has a lot of articles about Minox technique. MPL webpage ...
Classic series Yahoo! Groups  
Bilder aus russischer Kriegsgefangenschaft (Pictures from Russian war prison) Sasse, Klaus Las aguas de la memoria (1989-1993) (The Waters of Memory) Korth, Sabine Edel...
After twenty years of off and on searching I found a good Riga enlarger. Gave it a try and it works like a charm. Looks near new, even has the original VEF bulbs in it. The f...
I don't know why Martin Tais thread disappeared but here is the link again Technical data MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera Silver - th...
The best Minox 8x11 camera for B&W photography is Minox III/IIIs with built in green/ orange filters Minox B has only built in green filter and ND filter, no orange fi...
Eight Elm Photovideo was one of my favourite store to buy Minox camera, film and accessories. Eight Elm Photo & Video  
Manfred Schmidt - Subminiature Cameras for sale catalog Minox, subminiature all come up empty Is Manfred Schmidt Camera out of business ?  
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