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6 days ago

Bolta Photavit 24x24 format 35mm camera has a serious design fault Its viewfinder eye piece was not secure. Easily lost. When I bought it, the eyepiece was there. But...
Photavit film loader is a plastic black box for loading 35mm film from regular 35mm cassette to Photavit cassette The metal dial is a frame counter, when the w...

14 days ago

Robot Vollautomat, Robot Luftwaffen Eigentum do not take regular 135 cassette. Film must be transferred to Robot T cassette for use with these cameras. Robot II , Rob...
Robot suppy cassette --Robot T cassette-- consists of two pieces, a center shell and an outer shell. All come without center spool, it is not "missing spool", it was mea...
Regular 135 cassette height =43mm Robot TR cassette height =40mm Regular cassette is 3mm too long Hence the film must be transfered into Robot TR cassette  

15 days ago

Robot Luftwaffen Eigentum with Robot 12V solenoid shutter actuator bracket The camera is relative easy to find, the Robot shutter actuator is rare  

16 days ago

Photavit 24 x 24 camera film canister for proportion purpose, Photavit is the smallest 24x24 camera Lens: Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 1:2.8, 37.5mm Shutter COMPUR RAID, ...

21 days ago

Bayonet Schneider Kreuznach 30mm f3.5 Xenagon lens? Bayonet mount Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 40/1.9 Bayonet Schneider Kreuznach Tele Xenar 75mm f3.8 lens for Robot Roya...

22 days ago

My Zeiss Ikon Tenax II, Robot Royal II and Robot Royal III viewfinder all have mould /fungus inside It is harrmful to the eye looking throu these kind of mouldy viewfin...

25 days ago

Minox ZV 3 4.5-14x44 SF PLEX Riflescope #66025 reduced to only $129.99 IMO, in a 4.5-14x44 SF, there is no better option near this price then this Minox ZV 3 4.5-14x44 ...

More than a month ago

Robot Royal 24 sometimes also refered to as Robot Royal model III Lens: Schneider Kreutznach Xenon 40/1.9 Rangefinder: super impose image type. Shutter: metal ...
Anyone have experience with TSA while carrying a Minox (the spy camera size, B, BL, C, LX, etc.)? Do they let it through? Confiscate it because it doesn't look like a camera t...
Hi all. I'm thinking many of the Minox camera users know Robot camera. Robot cameras are made from Germany too. And they are also spy gadget category. I have got many different ...
Meopta Mikroma is the 16mm subminiature camera with the widest angle lens of F=20mm The second in line is MEC-16SB with F=22mm lens  
MIGHTY by Toko.PW in Japan is a HIT type subiniature camera using 17.5mm paper back roll film, making ten 14x14mm exposures. Dimension: 52x37x34mm Lens: T.K.P.W 1:...
Top: MyPublisher 5.75 x 7.75 inch layflat hardcover, with fabric covered book case Center: Snapfish 8.5x11.5 inch layflat hardcover photobook Bottom left: Snapfish 5.75x7.75 i...
Kilfitt Macro Kilar 40/3.5 kilar 40  
Gemflex and Tone camera are not exactly 16mm cameras, rather 17.5mm HIT type camera, however, 16mm film may also be used  
Megahouse of Japan made 1/3 scale models of various classic cameras including Leica I, IIIf, M3, Contax I, Rolleiflex TLR and Hasselblad SWC Sharan Classics  
Tone camera is a HIT type camera, using 17.5mm paper backed roll film, format 14x14mm, 10 exp per roll.  
I have about a dozen factory rolls in my freezer (mostly APX25 and 400). I sure would like to buy a few dozen more, preferably XP2.  
It's not RF coupled but it has quite consistent performance, at least on film:  
SCAT shuttter is 1/250 sec F3.5 at 1/250 corresponds to ASA 25 film sunny condition Load a strip of 30cm double perforated 16mm film into SCAT  
SCAT camera frame fromat 7x10mm, smaller than Minox. The image quality of SCAT may not be as good as Minox EC, due to smaller frame size, and secondly, SCAT does not have an eff...
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