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SCAT shuttter is 1/250 sec F3.5 at 1/250 corresponds to ASA 25 film sunny condition Load a strip of 30cm double perforated 16mm film into SCAT  
SCAT camera frame fromat 7x10mm, smaller than Minox. The image quality of SCAT may not be as good as Minox EC, due to smaller frame size, and secondly, SCAT does not have an eff...


Smallest full frame 35mm camera: Minox GT-E, Minox 35ML Smallest 16mm film camera SCAT Smallest TLR: Rolleiflex Minox, Gemflex Smallest 9.5mm film camera: Minox EC  

2 days ago

Bolsey TLR is a cute 35mm twin lens reflex + rangefinder camera Lens: Wollensack 45mm /f3.2 coated lens aperture f3.2 to f22 Shutter: Wollensak Synchro leaf shutter T, B, 1/10, ...

4 days ago

Gemflex is fixed focus lens. Fixed focus lens usually focus at its hyperfocal distance of its smallest aperture F11 The hyperfocal distance of Gemflex at f11 =3813mm  

5 days ago

Gemflex is a subminiature TLR camera made by Showa Optical Works Ltd in Occupied Japan. Film paper backed 17.5mm HIT type film Frame size 14 x 14mm 10 exposure Lens: GEM 25mm...

6 days ago This is clearly not Tessina camera case, it is case for Tessina film loader.  

8 days ago

Please check out our web site and the Deal of the Day Page. Minox ZV-3 3-9x40mm BDC 400 Riflescope #66006 reduced $109.00 from $209.99 to only $99.99 ...
Can anyone tell me about a gold minox camera? , the one I saw looked the sized of a 110 camera but I don't own a minox and have never used one,so I ask what does anyone know of ...
What price range should one expect to pay for a Riga Minox? Is it possible to obtain one in exceptional condition? Anyone have one for sale?  
Does anyone know if there are substitutabke batteries for the 1.35 volt PX -675 for the Monox BL? I have not had any luck with the local camera stores and battery supply stores....
I enlarged some Minox B&W with Minox enlarger II on 8x10" size photo paper, framed up and hang on my parlour wall as decoration.
To set up Tessina exposure meter 1) Turn to the back of Tessina meter, use thumb wheel to set the ASA NUMBER. In this case, the film used ...
Many times, a seller would describe the Tessina meter listed for sale as: "Meter is moving". Look at the photo of the meter supplied by the seller, notice the position of the re...
I have a Snapfish 5x7 softcover photo book and a MyPublisher 7.75x5.75 hardcover layflat photobook I like the Snapfish tone a liittle bit more, because it is darker, looks more ...

17 days ago

SCAT all metal camera was made by Italian manufacturer Societa Construzuzioni Articoli Technici in 1947 Dimension: 48x 43 x30mm Weight 70g Film: Minox metal cassette, 8x11...

18 days ago

A collector camera (link)

22 days ago

I order a photobook from Mypublisher 94 pages,7.75" x 5.75" premium paper, lay flat, linen surface $101

24 days ago

When Minox designed the LX, they slightly increased the width and height vs that of BL Measured with Mastercraft Electronic caliper with digital display: Width: LX 28.2mm BL ...

28 days ago

I bought a Minox AX from ebay on Jan 2 2017 However advance search on ebay for "MINOX AX" OR "MINOX AX GOLD" sold listing never comes up the MInox AX I bought from Kassse...

29 days ago

There are only a few gold Minox embossed with diamond mesh pattern *Minox B gold *Minox LX GOLD *MINOX AX GOLD *MINOX AX GOLD II *MINOX CLX. Minox Gold Selection is plain ...

More than a month ago

Goerz Minicord has no close up lens of its own. However, 22mm Meopta close up lens can be reverse mounted on the Minicord taking lens There are two Meopta 22mm close up...
Meopta Mikroma with close up lens Meopta Mikroma M16 close up lens is very hard to find. I finally get a 0.33 -0.5m M16 close up lens, the other 0.5-1m M16 close up ...
I have owned 3 different Minox 35's. One Minox PL and 2 Minox GT. I used to live in South Korea. I was a young kid back in the 80's and I used to go to camera shops and coul...
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