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We have some great Leica Demo Sports Optics opportunities.... We have a few demo Leica Riflescopes. They do not have the outer box, however, otherwise they...


I tried today some of my wonderful Leica M lenses on my Olympus EM1.2 - just for curiosity reasons What you get on m43 is of course a 2x crop, but for 50mm and longer this c...

2 days ago

Item(s): Leica Q Typ116 Camera- Black Package includes: Carrying Strap Lens Hood Lens Cap Accessory Shoe Cover BP-DC 12 Lithium-Ion Battery for Leica Q Typ 116 Digital Camera (...
Today Leica announced a new release of the Thamber lens, specially designed to produce an artistic soft-focus that, they claim, cannot be achieved with post-processing software....

3 days ago

I've acquired this little Leica branded zipped case It's around 5 inches wide, with no internal dividers. I'd like to know please what it's intended for - mainly I admit, with a...

6 days ago

Its Friday, post pic!! Post many pics! Next week, may add a little twist . I'll start this week off with a static scene taken with a Mamiya 7 Now you post pic, many pic. Unti...

7 days ago

Item(s):Panasonic Leica 15mm f1.7 Package includes:Lens, Hood, Box, rear and front cap, entire kit Price: RM1900 Warranty:nil Dealing method:COD in KL/PJ Location: KL/PJ ...
Should I sell my SWC to get a M8? I have never used digital for quite a long time for photography, and I thought the SWC wasn't really my cameras, so I'm thinking of selling ...

8 days ago

hello, can anyone help with identifying this camera? is it original or copy the range finder seems to be from later models. no one i know in Greece can help.  

12 days ago

Saw it at the Cartier-Bresson India show at the Rubin Museum in Manhattan yesterday. The show is great. The museum is, as usual, interesting from every point of view, including ...

13 days ago

Happy Friday. Please post you favorite pic o' the week and don't be shy. I'll start with a pic taken in Chino, CA. Lets see yours! Untitled by Barry Fisher  

16 days ago

Has anyone here dropped their Leica SL for the D850? I'm growing tired of a lack of prime lenses and after trying out the D850 with the 105 1.4 I was smitten. With these newer E...
Hello, I've had my G1 for over about two years now and when I recently went to use it, it refused to fire. It fires the shutter completely fine as long as theres no film insi...

17 days ago

Item(s): Panasonic Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 Package includes: Panasonic Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 (box and receipt) Price: RM 4700 Warranty: 1 years from 1/7/2017...

21 days ago

I have acquired a Mamiya 6 and have a question about the lens retraction. When pulled out it locks into place, but when retracted inward the lens is not locking. The portion tha...

23 days ago

The speed dial of my M5 has double number B1 , which means it could be speed B or speed 1 sec. This is rather confusing. In what circumstances the ...

24 days ago

Hello, I know very little about cameras and have been trying to figure out what this is. This seems to be a friendly and helpful forum so will try here Is this one of those R...

27 days ago

Hello and once again its Friday and a chance for the entire world to see your favorite photographs of the week. Don't miss this chance, step right up and share. I start with a ...

28 days ago

Item(s): 1 camera sling bag Package includes: 1 shoulder strap, 1 divider Price: rm800 Warranty: none Dealing method: COD Location: Klang Valley Contact method/details: 01...
I used to think that Portra 800 was not very good, as it is much less flexible and advanced than Portra 400. But have a look at this: An Inquiry into Digital versus Film - Fe...

More than a month ago

In case you haven't seen this -- do view the brief video as well. Link Leica's Factory Workers Look Like They're in a Futuristic Sci-Fi Movie - Core77  
Some of my favourite shots taken with Q in my recent Melbourne trip.
Here we go. Another week. And sometimes we feel pressure to find a photo we like. So I'll start with a vice-like grip for this week. Let's see yours!  
Selling Leica D-Lux 109 in mint condition, unused. $1,400 Includes 3-year warranty. Box contains: - Digital camera - Flash (Leica CF D) - Battery - Battery charg...
There is a new review of these two cameras that you may find interesting. There is a comparison of images between the cameras, comparison of sizes, and a description of moving ...
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