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Just a quick shout out to Greg for having his photo chosen for photo of the day on August 17. And, you're right, the detail of the 21mm lens is superb. Zig


Friday, again that time to post your special favorite pic-o'-the-week. Please post any photograph you think is something you'd like to share. I'll start with a photo from the O...
When one of my friends asked me why I was paying so much for a camera I told him I was paying for fewer features. However one feature that I like (somewhat) is GPS, and you only...

2 days ago

Well the title pretty much says it. Ignoring (if possible) any camera that is attached to both of these lenses what are your opinions on this comparison? Erwin Puts...

4 days ago

Hello, I recently purchased a Leica R9 SLR and need some lenses. I would like to fins a wide angle and a short zoom. Any comments on which Leica R lenses are recommended? Source...

6 days ago

We have 1 of the demo Leica Geovid HD-R 10X42 Binocular (Yards) #40059 available for only $1899.99 Roof Prism Design Fluoride Glass Elements HDC Anti-Reflective Coatings ...

14 days ago

Friday, please post early and often. I'll start with a photo from "little Italy" NYC, NY. M7, 35 Summicron. Hop on board and don't be shy. Untitled by Barry Fisher Word is that Zeiss is interested, but only if t...
We have a few amazing Leica Demo Sports Optics opportunities.... We have a few demo Leica Riflescopes that are in as new condition. They do not have the outer box, how...

17 days ago

Item(s):wtb leica 40mm f2 summicron-c Package includes: Price:pm Warranty: Dealing method: Location:johor or kl Contact method/details:01110676809 --- Item(s) conditions:...

21 days ago

Hi folks - quick question to see how feasible something is. I would like to buy one camera and one lens. A Leica M4-2 and a 40mm (likely the Voigtlander Nokton Classic f/1.4.) ...

22 days ago

Hi.Always wanted a Leica to supplement my Rolleiflex MF.Looking to several bodies in an old shop I was extremely well suprised by a M5.The body stayed perfect in my hands.I trie...
Hi Folks I need some help determining the value of an iconic Leica lens that was owned by my father. It's a 35mm f2 chrome Summicron lens from Canada. This lens is the ve...

23 days ago

I use a coin to turn the Leica M5 battery cover, after a few turns, click, the thread seems slipped, cannot open battery cover. It there any trick in opening the M5 batte...
Suddenly I got it into my head that I might want to get an M5. I've always admired the design but have been worried about the meter. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.  
Item(s):Panasonic Lumix Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 for m43. Package includes:Full box set. Comes with B+W UV Haze MRC nano filter. Price:RM1650 Warranty:None Dealing metho...

25 days ago

Hey everyone, Sorry for my english, here are two pictures of a Leica. I'm pretty sure they are false, but I need some others advice. Thank you  

26 days ago

Hi there, I own a Canon P mounted with a Jupiter 8, and with which was coupled professionally (the camera got knocked around a bit when I bought it and it was off). I'm thinking...

27 days ago

I have a Pentax K5-IIs which has an Auto-ISO setting. I can manually set an aperture and shutter speed, while the camera will automatically adjust the ISO so I get the correct e...

28 days ago

Item(s): Lumix Leica 15mm F1.7 Package includes: Everything, eg:box, cap, hood. Price: Offer your best price Warranty: It is good if warranty still available. Dealing metho...

29 days ago

Hello peeps, Friday again. Please post a favorite pic for this week, don't be shy, don't slack off. Put them up. I'll start with a pic of a good friend playing fiddle at the P...

More than a month ago

A while back, I picked up a picture book by Michael Green, titled: Patton's tank drive - D-day to Victory One prominent 3/4 length at-work portrait had a long description ...
One side of the heart say keep the other say let it go... as there are some who would prefer to be dissociated with anything nazi
Hi there, I'm looking for used leica 50mm summilux asph in either black or silver version. Do pm me your best offer and my cod location is Subang Jaya.
A 'graduate' of the Leica School, Nov.13,1963, I would be interested to hear others' stories & impressions of this experience. Of course I would be MOST interested if you happen...
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