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2 days ago

A while back, I picked up a picture book by Michael Green, titled: Patton's tank drive - D-day to Victory One prominent 3/4 length at-work portrait had a long description ...

4 days ago

One side of the heart say keep the other say let it go... as there are some who would prefer to be dissociated with anything nazi

6 days ago

Hi there, I'm looking for used leica 50mm summilux asph in either black or silver version. Do pm me your best offer and my cod location is Subang Jaya.
A 'graduate' of the Leica School, Nov.13,1963, I would be interested to hear others' stories & impressions of this experience. Of course I would be MOST interested if you happen...
Dear all, I am a happy M(240) owner. I use it a lot, and, since I bought it in 2014, I almost no longer use my film M's. I even sold y M7, rarely use my M3 and M6, and the M4 i...

7 days ago

Although initially the prices of the M9 dropped a bit, soon after they stabilized and even started to rise again. This is quite unusual for a digital camera, where depreciation ...

9 days ago

So Leica is releasing at least one new Noctilux this year, a 75/1.2. Personally I don't see the point in such wide apertures. However, a lot of people do, and that is no bad thi...
The Leica TL2 mirrorless camera is now available...  
01 -television control of France télévision - 02-Raymond Poulidor * * - -03-Chris Froome - -04-Bardet & Bennati -05-De Marchi -06-Simon Y...

10 days ago

Good evening, all, I have just revisited my M9, which had been in disuse since upgrading to the 240, nearly 4 y. ago. In the M9 case I discovered a UV filter for the 50mm len...

11 days ago

Item(s): Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 lens Package includes: box, lens caps, lens hood Price: RM1,700 Warranty: Bought while travelling in May 2017, no international warranty. s...
Item: Leica X (TYP 113) Imported Package includes: Full box set Price: RM5800 negotiable Warranty: Unfilled warranty card Dealing method: COD Location: Bangi Contact metho...

12 days ago

The specifications for the TL2 have been released. They include 4K video, no EVF or flash, 24Mpx and a maximum ISO of 50,000. When I read the list of specs, the most important o...
Hi guys, Have got a used (used it less than 3 times) Leica M to Sony E-mount (NEX & A series camera) close focus adapter up for grabs. It allows you to mount any M mount lens...

13 days ago

Back at you Friday! time to post a favorite pic from this time to any time. Don't be shy, step and share. This thread belongs to you and is nothing except the photos shared. So...

16 days ago

I have found the little VC meter to be great on my old Leicas and other classic RF's. I want to buy a second one, a VC II model, but they have disappeared from eBay and the deal...
I know the rangefinders are king in this forum but does anyone still use a R series? I always seem to get the impression that the M glass is better, for example is the 90mm f2....

21 days ago

I have some strange black marks on the top plate of my 1986 M6 which do not clean off -- I an see dust around the hot shoe which needs a clean with a cotton bud ( 'Q Tip' for ...
Anyone use one? Any comments about quality of the things, prices, do the cheap ones work? S  
I'm getting sick of the slow sync speed on my Leica S 006. And since I opted for contax lenses over the Leica CS lenses (for character and budget reasons), I am stuck at 1/125 ...

22 days ago

Anyone here using the Leica SL? Would appreciate to hear real world usage issues and other comments bout this camera if any. Thanks

23 days ago

I have had many great private messages as well as a good discussion on the Leica forum about this. I feel I like this forum has a different perspective that I like so I wanted t...

24 days ago

I have strange lines in my negatives and pictures. This has happened to three of my last four films. Films that I have used were Fujifilm Superia Venus 800 and Kodak Ektar 100. ...

25 days ago

I have a chrome Leica III from 1936 and I am the second owner having bought it from the original purchaser together with four lenses and several accessories. All the lenses and ...

26 days ago

Can anyone recommend decent filters to fit the sumitar 5cm f2. My dad has recently treated himself to the 3f and would like the filters to go with it  
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I always get issues recording a video of lightning
I always get issues recording a video of lightning
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Some 4K eye candy from Tom Lowe
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Kudrone Nano Drone 1080p60 and 4K 15p recordings + GPS
Kudrone Nano Drone 1080p60 and 4K 15p recordings + GPS
Kudrone Nano Drone 1080p60 and 4K 15p recordings + GPS
Kudrone Nano Drone 1080p60 and 4K 15p recordings + GPS
Kudrone Nano Drone 1080p60 and 4K 15p recordings + GPS
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Different Techniques
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